Friday, December 20, 2019

Save 50% With Our Coupon Code, Check Out The New Multi Photo Scrapbooking Templates and Grab Those Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Are you totally stressing right now?!  Have the holidays got you all tied up so that ya don't know which direction you are going?  That would be me!  Let's take just a few short minutes to breathe, relax and look at the pretty pictures.  Hehehe...I've go some seriously gorgeous page inspiration, a coupon code to save on all of the templates I've just in the GingerScraps shop and I've posted several of our freebies, too.

That's right!  Deep breath...enjoy...

 GingerScraps Shop

Don't forget that code!  cherry50dec  This will save you a whopping 50% off your orders over $7 at GingerScraps or Kreative Design Studio.  Don't forget that I don't have any kits or collections and such at GingerScraps yet, but the Kreative Design Studio still has it all and the coupon works there as well. It is a one time use coupon for the rest of the month.

 Ginger Scraps Shop

I've put some of my favorite template packs in the GingerScraps store.  There are a few that are from Scrappy Sisters so you've not seen them for awhile.  Free Time, Journal Templates and Celebrate Scrap are back and available.  Whoo hoo!  Those Celebrate Scrap templates are so, so fun!  Remember the cool hybrid project I did with the Journal Templates?  Here is the video.  I had this travel journal made so quickly!

 how to digital journal templates
Look how happy I am!  You'll be happy too when you're finished.

Here are a few pages with some of the templates I just put in the GingerScraps shop.

Here are our new templates, Holiday Cheer.  Actually the only thing holiday related is this cute little sloth and those holiday lights.  You can totally use these templates for any scrapping ya wanna do.  We mixed it all up.  Check it out!

 Holiday Cheer

 Holiday Cheer

The intention was that you could use these templates when you have a lot of pictures you want to scrap.  I take a lot of pictures during the holidays so I need templates like these.  I've kept the outline all on one layer for something different.  I gave this particular page a bit more pop with that outline by using some dramatic shadowing.  Obviously, the darn dog is terrible at taking pictures!

You can use the spots for papers if you prefer or if you don't have a lot of pics.  My husband actually calls himself the Grinch and it's why I bought this kit.

 Holiday Cheer
Holiday Cheer and a kit from the Sweet Shoppe and Flergs

Look at Cindy's page.  No picture necessary!

 Holiday Cheer
Holiday Cheer and Bad, Bad Day from the GingerBread Ladies

 How gorgeous?!  A mix of both!

Holiday Cheer and River Rose's New Goods

Holiday Cheer and a collection from Aimee Harrison

 Holiday cheer
Holiday Cheer and Scrap De Yaz

Tinsel Toes and LouCeeDesigns

I love this Tinsel Toes template, too.  It's the second time I used it.

If you're new to The Cherry you may have missed our most recent freebies, though the blog is full of them and our group and page also offers all kinds of digital freebies nearly every single day.

 Free Printable Calendar

Sign up for our weekly newsletter and get this entire collection for free.  I'll send ya a link for part of our BoHo Chic collection for the 12 Days of Christmas.  I had to look it up!  It's the 12 days starting with Christmas.  I wasn't sure and now you know.  If you're still not signed up, let's change that.  Join The Cherry Family and reap the benefits.


Have you heard the big news?!

These are the templates I put in the GingerScraps shop, last week.  Scroll to see the cool hybrid mini albums I made with them.

 Scrapbooks Templates

This book prints out small if you leave it as is, but you can totally adjust the size when you use the digital templates.

 Scrapbooks Templates

The mini's scrap up so fast.  You won't believe it when you're holding it in your hand.  I've got a sweet tutorial on last week's Hybrid Saturday blog.

Scrapbooks Templates

Tomorrow, I'll be back with yet another one.  If your'e all hyped up about hybrid, then check out all of our hybrid blogs.  They often contain fun free printables, templates, handy tips...

I'll show you how to quickly and easily change up a page and turn it into a card that you can send in a standard, long envelope.  It won't cost you much money or time.  Ya gotta love that!

Thanks so much for hanging with The Cherry!  I hope to see ya over in the GingerScraps shop and in our group.  The group is a great place to go if you have questions.  We're quite a friendly family.

Happy Scrapping and happy holidays!