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Get Squared Away, Digital Scrapbooking Templates, The Next Designer Contest at The Studio and Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We've got new, versatile templates, layout love, new freebies, tips, tricks and a peek at a few entires for the next designer contest at the Studio.

Last week's blog was absolutely insane.  I hope you managed to get through it and that you picked up some serious freebies.  This week is much more chill and tomorrow we will be on a regularly scheduled program, again.  I've got a super awesome hybrid blog geared towards dad, that you will NOT want to miss.

Today's new templates are so my thing.  This will be one of those packs of templates that I'll keep going back to, over and over.  They are completely versatile meaning they will go with any pictures and collections you want to scrap.  The photo spots are incredibly versatile as well.  Just wait until you see what I and my super talented team have done with them.

 Squared Away templates

Ngoc, from Heart Made Scrapbook and I have been working together for a few years now.  Our designs mesh pretty well.  We scrap for each other's team and we now design together as well.  Heart Made designs the kits and I the templates.  Her color choices are so delightful and the elements in her kits are so unique.  Just look at that pineapple!  I had to make it a feature on my page.   I also love those little sandals.  This particular kit, might be one of my favorites of hers so far.  It is packed full of awesome tropical goodies.  

I love contrasting colors and black on bright looks so fabulous.  It really grabs your attention.

 Squared Away Templates

Tip:  I added an extra outline to my layers for my page.  You can either do that digitally by adding a stroke or actually using the digital papers.  If ya want to save time, do it by adding the stroke.  You will miss out on texture, unless you duplicate, simplify the bottom layer and then add a texture style.

 Squared Away Templates
Awesomeness from the GingerScraps Shop.

It isn't always easy clipping all kinds of textured, designed papers on this many layers.  It might be overwhelming or look too busy.  Not with Cindy's page though.  You might have to experiment quite a bit.  I usually do!

 Squared Away Templates

Felicity kept her layers more simple, but did inject a bit of design through the use of pretty banners.  What great pictures and a lovely page.

 Squared Away Templates

Check out how Roxanna did her layers.  This is a great look and it will save you a lot of time, too.  Most of the layers from this template are merged, but I left a few open for more flexibility.  Tip: Delete your layer styles/shadows, merge the layers you want to keep together, clip in your desired paper and put back those shadows.

This kind of page is easy on the eyes.  It flows wonderfully and yet these bright colors grab your attention and shakes things up.  Just like Roxanna, herself!

Squared Away Templates
More From Kit Cart

 Squared Away Templates
Fun stuff from Kit Cart

I've got a couple of double pagers from our gal, Theresa.  She's using a totally awesome kit from the Kit Cart, Never Grow Up.  I've scrapped with it too if you think it looks familiar.  Again, plain papers and the same layers, saves time and is not too busy.

 Squared Away Templates

 Squared Away Templates

 Squared Away Templates
Here's a great idea!  Tip:  Use journaling on the photos spots. 

 Squared Away Templates
Sus Designs

 Squared Away Templates
Sus Designs

Remember, scrapbooking doesn't always have to be all dolled up.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping it simple and letting the photographs be your feature.

 Squared Away Templates
Goodies from TraceyB

Here's exactly what I meant when I said that the photo spot's possibilities were endless.

 Squared Away Templates
Designs from Irina 

I love the papers Theresa chose for her star burst.

These are the templates we put in the shop last week.

 Terrific Templates
We started a great series!  This is the second.  Check out Only You, too.

 Men IN Mind Templates
When flowers are a no go, try these templates.

 Rad Dad Templates
Something for dad and also no flowers.

Our free template from last week.

 No Prob-Llama Templates
The coordinating pack of templates with the new free template.

On to some new products from other designers around DigiLand.  Throwing Some Scraps Around has a lovely new kit out, Brothers.  I used a beautiful mask and frame set from Made By Keuntje.

 Throwing Some Scraps Around
Brothers Throwing Some Scraps Around

Our gal Aimee, has THE most perfect Peony collection a peony loving girl could ever want.  I love peonies and have a yard full of them.  Actually, both of my huge bushes are exactly the colors in Aimee's collection.  

Did you know that peonies are edible?  The bees really love these delightful, aromatic blooms, too.  You can make tea, potpourri, moisturizers...the world around is absolutely amazing. Go to this blog for some unbelievable ideas on how to use your precious petals.

I used our Spring Fling templates for this page.

 Spring Fling Templates

Are you following the Next Designer Contest at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio?  It's really exciting and THREE of my creative team members are in it.  It's a great way to learn about design and grab some freebies.  I'm leaving you with just a few examples, but there are easily a dozen more.  Get involved in the community and support your fellow scrappy sisters by voting.

 Next Designer Contest Freebie
Art & Life Scraps

 Next Designer Contest Freebie
A Giving Heart Studio

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for an exclusive, free gift for dad and more Father's Day inspiration and hybrid goodness.

We'll see ya over in our scrap-a-licious group and around our other super scrappy social spots that you can find in the side bar.

Happy scrapping!

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