Saturday, June 27, 2020

A Big Sale At GingerScraps, Two new Packs of Templates, A New Sleepy Time Kit and a Coordinating Freebie For You

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Again, I've got yet another blog packed full of scrap-a-liciousness.  There are two new packs of templates and coordinating kits and a freebie in cuttable form.  Ya know we've got some of the best page inspiration around as well.  So jump on in to this weekend's HUGE sale at GingerScraps, check out our new goodies and enjoy all of this scrappy goodness.

Time to get all of those goodies from your cart that you've been piling up!

I thought I might spoil you with a great deal on two really, really cute, new products!  Not bad at all for just $5, right?!

The packs are also separate.  Make sure you click on the right pack.

How about my bunny slippers?!  They are how this pack all started.  One fun vision of goofy, fluffy bunny slippers.  Hehehe...

Tip: I used some free felt I got from Spoon Graphics and tweaked until I got the colors just right.  Then I added a bit of a puffy style from Made By Keuntje to give my bunnies a little more dimension.  Now, don't fall over from shock, but I actually mixed three different kits from Sweet Shoppe Designs for my page.  I ditched one of the inside frames provided in the template and added a glitter stroke.  If you don't know how to do this, check out my video

I just had to crop myself out of the picture because I was a right mess, but JJ was just all too, cute.  I distorted the photo spots, which I quite like and will definitely do again in future.  I thought it might be difficult to get our photos placed just right in this kind of spot, between the ears, but it really was ok.  I played with all kinds of pictures and they all worked just fine.  Shoo.  

Tip:  I also added a tiny stroke around my matting for the pictures to provide more contrast with the background and continue the glittery touch for more cohesion.  I did the same around my tiny title and even adjusted the opacity on the title just a bit so it blended better and didn't take away from my more featured images.

I think I was blessed with a child who actually slept. My first born, who NEVER slept.  I wish I were exaggerating, but I seriously was concerned about the health of that baby.  He never wanted to eat or sleep?!  I was so sure that's all babies did?!  Hehehe...

Just look at that sleepy face.  I was scrapbooking, traditionally back then and he dozed off whilst in the middle of coloring.  How precious!

I teamed up my templates and the kit for this page.  I didn't even have to fill in the layered background from the template.  I just slid in my paper from the kit.  Hey!  There certainly isn't anything wrong with saving time, right?!  Tip: I even saved more time by simply adding a texture style to my pillow in place of clipping in the coordinating papers.

I also used some glitter styles on the outline of my title.  I hope you like the fact that you can customize the title exactly how you like?  I might want to do that more often on my templates as well.  I really like large title art.  I'm one of those lazy journalers.  I did squish in a name and date on my page, at least.

Let's see what my team has done.

Cherry has also used goodies from the Sweet Shoppe.  Aren't they just dreamy?  Look at the contrast of dark and light and awesome shadowing.  Tip:  Use contrast to provide interest and focus on your pages.  For example, look at the light color Cherry used to back up her dark photo.  Then she used bright colors on the top of her photo for more contrast.  Amp up your scrappy skills by checking out other people's pages.

Boomer's Girl

Connie P

Take a look at the page, above.  The large title, at the top, blends in with the background and the bottom has a lovely contrast.  Tip: You might change this up by choosing an outline that either has a gradient, light at the top and dark at the bottom or choosing a totally different color that work on both, like the brown or yellow from the kit.  I very rarely pick all of the right colors the first time. I have to play with the colors to see what looks best.



Goodies from JoCee Designs.

All goodies from TCOT

ML Designs

Dandelion Dust

A Mix

Look how Theresa bended the bunny ears to give her photos more room.  Pretty darn cute.  Tip:  If you copy paste or duplicate one of the ears, shape it to the size you need by using the marquee tool, clip in the paper you used for the back of the ear, placed it on top and got that shadow just right, then you too can achieve the bended ear look.

Sky's The Limit from Aimee Harrison Designs


On to the next new pack of templates and they are for all of you flower lovers.

I only had a chance to play with one of the templates so far.  Darn!  I was too busy cranking out that Sleep Tight kit, which really was so fun.  I can't wait to get to these, though.  They look so great.  I went a bit experimental.  I finally got around to learning how to put a shadow on a separate layer.  Then I went a bit wacky with that shadow's placement.  I messed with opacity and everything so that second template has a totally different look.

For my page, I added a tiny bevel to my vines to make them come off of the page.  These vines are all hand drawn to give a nifty crafty feel to them.  The base layer of the vines are the shadows.  If you want to change that shadow ya just have to insert your own or even just copy another shadow from another layer and paste it. 

Goodies from JoCee Designs

Check out what the team has done.  Yowza!

Goodies from Sweet Shoppe.

You don't have to use our vines!

That's, right!  More awesome stuff from the Sweet Shoppe.

Products from MagsGraphics.

GingerBread Ladies

Laura Burger

Pretties from MarieH

Dandelion Dust

Xuxper Designs

Did ya cash in on $2 Tuesday?!
Momentos Templates from TCOT and a kit from Scraps N' Pieces

Gypsies Templates from Tcot and more sweetness from the Sweet Shoppe

Here are some newer pages with older templates and don't forget, they are all 55% off!

Happy Trails (One of my favorite packs)

Dino Templates from TCOT and goodies from Clever Monkey Graphics

Butterflies Are Free from TCOT and goodies from Clever Monkey Graphics

Ecstatic Templates from TCOT and yip!  More goodies from Tracey

A free Cuttable for you.  It is black in your automatic download.  As of now it is only png format, but someone is working on Studio format.

I'm so, so glad you gave The Cherry some of your valuable time, today.  Feel free to scroll back and see all of the other fantastic blogs you've missed.  I hope to see ya over in the group for all of our challenges and chit chat, too.  Enjoy these great savings throughout the weekend.  It'll be awhile until another sale.

Happy scrapping!

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