Friday, January 1, 2021

New Digital Scrapbooking Templates, A Special Edition Hop Around of Freebies, Page Inspiration and More

Welcome to The Cherry On Top and Happy New Year!

As is customary, today's blog is full, full, full of fabulous.  We've been most generous the past month.  So, I've got links to even more free stuff.  Our new templates are a super complement to your stash and they're only $2!  You'll love the page inspiration from the Creative Team using products from some of your favorite designers.  We're providing a free mini and a free template for the Love For Layout Templates train, again as well.

When you visit The Cherry, you get the full package.  We're linked up to a diverse range of social media. (Found in the side bar.)  We provide new products nearly every single week, throughout the year.  We share all kinds of freebies from ourselves and other designers and shops.  We provide tutorials and helpful commentary throughout the blog to steer you to new designers and shops as well as pimp up your Digi skills.  Follow us throughout our platforms and make sure you end up in our group where you can share your projects, pages, questions, join in on challenges, games and other fun shenanigans.

Keep reading to find the links for the mini and template.

Today's new Buffet templates will provide you with a super basic and versatile background for your scrapbooking pages.  Just think of all of the pretty papers you can show off with them.  I've also provided multiple photo spots so you can document more pictures.

The team did a super job with them.  Check how you can change them up and make your template stash go further.

Lovely goodies from Aimee Harrison Designs.

Turn the template for a totally different look, like Caro did, above.

Fabulous fun products from the Sweet Shoppe.

If you're digging the basic aesthetic of the template, you can choose to not use all of the layers.  Cherry did just that on here page, above.

Goodies from The Lily Pad

Changing up the photo spots is always a super easy way to alter the template and customize it to fit your needs.

I couldn't dream up a more perfect page example with this template.  Dorian went literal with it and I just love the result.  I'm also loving the kit she used from Pinkadilly Ink.

Now, I might not have seen these templates as very artistic in style at all, but wow!  They transition just wonderfully.  Wouldn't you say?  A super cool page from our gal Esther using what looks like an unbelievable kit from Valentina and WendyP.

Templates are meant to be a spring board.  Something to get you started.

Here's a refreshing, beach page from Felicity using products from Valentina.

Theresa is just excellent at changing up the templates to fit her design.  This kit from Connie Prince looks awesome.

Roxana's personality definitely comes out on her pages.  Just look at all of that FUN?!  The men in her life are such sweeties.  They are often featured on her pages and I'll tell ya, I'm totally jealous.  They actually appear to be having fun in their pictures!?  I couldn't pay mine to be such willing, fun photo participants.  Hehehe...Roxana used a kit from JoCee found at Sweet Shoppe.

Another fun page from Roxana using goodies from Magical Scraps Galore also found at GingerScraps.

If you're new to The Cherry allow me to explain a bit more about us and where you can find our products.

Most of our designs are currently in the shop at GingerScraps.  You can find us monthly in their challenges, too.  Amp up your scrap game by participating in monthly challenges.  We always participate in the monthly Buffet.  You can coordinate a huge collection with the Buffet.  I keep the templates from the Buffet at only $2 all month long.

I'm planning on offering all new release templates at either $2 or $3 throughout the first weekend starting this new year. (For a test!) Then put them back at 30% on Monday.  So if you're a savvy shopper like myself, then get that deal, every week.  Also, check out the $2 Tuesday deals, weekly.  I've already got the entire year planned so you can bank on more of our superior products at just $2.

Here's an example of a future $2 deal. 

Don't miss out on any of the awesome, by joining us all over DigiLand and our newsletter.  I just gave away an entire kit, last month to our subscribers.

We've recently opened a shop at Design Bundles.  Here you can find Commercial Use Products as well as a broader range of digital items.  Here's a just a few.

Fun frame templates with large titles and on sale 50% off!

Here's an example of one our mock ups as well as our Valentine's Printables.

Show off your projects and products in a much more creative, eye catching manner by using mockups.  Above, is an example of another of our mock ups meant for craft projects.  Printable, stickers and so many other designs could easily fit in the space.  Pop over to the shop to see more examples.  I've put a bunch of stuff on sale at 50% off, for you.  Take our goodies for a test drive!

Here are a few freebies from previous blogs.

A free template from last week.

I might guess that a lot of you are here for the free stuff and rightly so.  We are known, world wide for providing freebies and links to freebies for nearly 10 years, now on this award winning blog.  I started digital design by finding freebies, using them and improving my skills.  This is me giving back.

This blog is full of not only freebies and page inspiration, but hybrid tutorials and freebies as well.  Scroll through and see all there is to download for nut'n.

A sweet Freebie for you!

Our free calendar from last year was so popular, I decided to do another one.  Grab it by going back to a previous blog.

If you've been hopping around, downloading all of these amazing freebies from the hop and have no idea what to do with them, then look no further. 
Below, I've got this preview linked up to a blog where you can download our really pretty kit and template, again for free.  I've got a link in that blog with a video on how to get started digital scrapbooking.  It's really easy if you get the right software and you follow our videos on You Tube. We'll hold your hand through the process.


And now for the moment you've all been waiting for....

Your free template from the Love For Layout Templates Train.

The free coordinating mini.

If you are a subscriber of our newsletter, you should have received the entire kit that coordinates with this free mini.  Enjoy!

Show off your gorgeous pages in this group.

You should have come from Antebellum Press.  Your next stop is Promethean Concepts.

Thanks so much for making our blog, one of your stops.  We sure hope to be seeing you again, soon.

Happy scrapping!


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