Sunday, February 26, 2023

The Fifth Challenge is Waiting for You Scrapbookers

Welcome to Challenge #5, my scrap-a-licious friends!

Some of my most popular Pins are with this style of scrapbooking. It's a style that can be quick and easy. You don't need a lot of pictures or you can fill all of those pockets with pictures and scrap tons of pics on one page. Do you know what style I'm talking about? Project Life!

project life scrapbooking
Project Simple Templates

There are so many ways you can play with the spaces provided on a template or the spaces that you design yourself. I can totally see why people are attracted to Project Life scrapbooking. It can be so, so simple and mega fast, which fits some people perfectly.

project life
Project Real Templates

Traditional Project Life pages consist of plastic sleeves with pockets.  You can purchase pocket cards and slide them into the pockets. Journal cards and note cards often fit them as well. I'll how ya some card and then you keep scrolling to see exactly what I mean.

Here are some artistic cards I made for the fabulous flamingo collection I and Art & Life Scraps designed, Flamazing.  You can grab it at Kreative Design Studio.

flamazing scrapbook kit

I've scattered the cards around two Project Life style pages.  So you can check them all out.  This collection really is Flamazing!  You'll love it.  The templates, papers...It is FULL of SASS, Baby!

flamingo scrapbooking kit

project life scrapbooking
Choose Joy Templates

Break up your photos for interest and something different.

summer scrapbooking
Choose Joy Templates

Slide your photo just off center to show off more color and add balance.

choose Joy templates
Choose Joy Templates

Here is another popular Pin page. One large photo and one small one. To get this look simply, digitally, select the square layers, ditch the shadow, merge the layers, slide in your photo, make a clipping mask and add your shadow back.

large photo scrapbook page
Choose Joy Templates

This is a fairly realistic Project Life page.  Pictures and cards in the pockets.

project life scrapbooking
Bee Loveable Scrapbooking Collection

Bee Loveable

If ya change the layout horizontally or vertically, your page will look totally different. It's an ideal method to use for side-by-side pages.

cowboy scrapbook page
Project Simple Templates

Project Life is great to scrapbook a lot of pictures.

boy scrapbook pages
Project Simple Templates

You can scrap large and small pictures on the same page.

project real template
Project Real Templates

project life template
Project Simple Templates

I want to say this is an easy challenge. Unless! You don't like the style!  Hehehe...

If you want to win prizes, put your page in the #5 Challenge album in our group.

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Thanks for joining in on the fun!  I still need to plan the Speed Scrap.  I'm thinking the weekend. I live in Europe and timing ain't easy. Probably Saturday, March 4th, 3 pm EST. Put it in your agenda. You'll get a free kit to play with or a gifty at the end of the game. I still have to decide.  Hehehe...

Happy scrapping, y'all!

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