Thursday, February 23, 2023

The Second Challenge is Waiting for You in our Scrap-A-Thon Join the party!

Welcome to the Scrap-A-Thon, scrappers!

This is your second challenge and I love this challenge because for me, it certainly is a challenge and that is the White Space Challenge! I'm terrible at this kind of stuff.  When I first moved to Belgium, I was often accused of being one of those, "American Scrappers"?! Can you believe the audacity?! Hehehe...What can I say? I over embellish!  BUAH!!!! (It's been a long day!)

If you don't know anything about a White Space Challenge, let me help you out.  Most of your page or layout should be white or maybe just the background.  Use as few embellishments as possible or concentrate them in just one small area of your page.

If you are familiar with this blog, then you know how much I love to share layout love.  So get ready for some white space or some kind of white space-ish love or just some silliness in between.  Now, where's my glass of wine?  Got yours?  Hehehe...If you don't agree with my interpretation of white space, too bad!  (Insert emoji sticking its tongue out;) I really want this to be fun.

The first page isn't all that minimal, but I'd let it pass for a white space page.

white space challenge

This is one of my templates, Subdued.  It's still available at GingerScraps.  There really isn't all that much on the page. A small cluster in the corner, a cute, small pic of me and my oldest then the neat shape that comes with the template.

scrap challenge #2

scrapbooking challenge #2
Minimalist Template

The page below is quite a good example of white space.  Are you getting the gist?

scrapbook layout

This one is great as well.

scrapbook layout

OK, I might be pushing this one, but then again, I might be pushing this super, super fun collection on ya.  My cat is pretty awesome, too.  He's so photogenic! I used Digi Smash goodies.  The papers are in my Studio shop, but I can't seem to find the collection in Gingerscraps.

scrapbook layout

Now, THIS is a great example of LITERAL white space!

white space challenge

This is kind of white space meets art miminimalist.

white space challenge

White space can be kept simple and the space doesn't have to be white.  I quickly scrapped my parents with the new Very Vintage Collection.  It's such a basic page that may have taken 5 minutes.  Similar papers, layered with a contrasting color.  Then some foliage with dramatic shadows, a splash of gold and those fun typewriter keys for my title. I love looking at those faces.

Isn't that such an awesome part of scrapbooking, sisters? Seeing the faces you love so much and recalling all of those fond and sometimes funny memories?  I really love that.  I always go through my old albums.  Even the paper ones. I leave them right in reach and often switch around the ones from the coffee table.

scrapbook challenge

Hilary did pretty much the same thing with the Very Vintage Collection.  Stacked a few papers.  Used some contrasting/complimenting matting.  Scrapped up a lovely cluster and used the alpha. Check out more vintage scrapbooking in Plus at Design Bundles with your FREE one Month Gold Membership!

scrapbook layout

These templates are fairly good for minimalist or white space pages. Find them at GingerScraps.

digital scrapbooking templates

I just love this page below.  I used goodies from Key Lime Digi Design who is also in GingerScraps. It's really just a few small clusters and fabulous paper and those wonderful smiling faces.

scrapbook layouts

These colors below are so awesome and again I'm using Key Lime Digi Designs.  If I were to just select my photo and everything around it and shrink it up just a little more, then it would be more "officially" white space.  Hehehe...

scrapbook challenge

Doesn't Sandy from Key Lime, have the best kits?  Here's yet another one and me and my daddy.  I'd say there is quite a lot of white space there. Wouldn't you?  If you want to be sure, select all of those ellies and that huge cluster and bring it down.  Hehehe...See!  I told you! I'm terrible with white space.  Hehehe...

scrapbook layout

I'm off to see if I can find some more legitimate white space pages.  If you've got one, hit us up and I'll add it to the bloggo along with a link, if I like your page.  Hehehehe...It's why they call me the sassy scrapper! Wink!  Wink!


Thanks for joining in on the second challenge.  If you missed the first one and all of the amazing free stuffs, click here.  It has a great explanation of how this whole thing is being run.  (Hopefully, not into the ground!  hehehe...) Sign up for that newsletter.  I don't normally burden you too heavily with mail, but I will for this event.  Besides, a free kit is waiting for you and you are going to need it for one of the challenges.

Happy scrapping, sisters!!!

I'm back with those pages.  I went into my finder and typed in white space and actually found some pages!? They are OLD! Hehehe... but here they are.  I'd say they are pretty good examples of white space.

white space challenge
Wow!  My mom had a rock'n doo!

scrapbook layout

I can't wait to see YOUR pages!


  1. I don't know how to put my page here... [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]Farmhouse-Christmas-kit-Temp-White-Space-Vol-79-3-Connie--2022[/url] by [url=]Theresa Banks[/url], on Flickr