Friday, May 23, 2014

Boutique Cute Doll and Free Stuff

Hey there, Cherries!!!

I love teaming up with Boutique Cute Doll!  Today's blog is full of everything you and I want in a blog, FREE stuff and inspiration.  Yay!!

Take a look at the gorgeousness of this kit.  Great, eh?!  Know what makes it even better?  Yip!  That's right!  FREE!!!  LOL!

Click on the image to get the newest BCD blog I put together.  Grab this lovely baby because you're gonna need it for the amazing challenge I have planned in a couple of days and you're gonna wanna grab the other FREEBIE over there that is super, duper great, too.

 BCD Blog

Here's the FREE word art I made available on the BCD blog.

This is the free cluster I designed for my fantastic fans!


I'm a bit of a mitchy matchy.  So, I pulled out the like colours from the free kit for this layout and stuck in a picture of three wonderful ladies.  Don't be afraid to go big on those gorgeous embellishments, either!  Blow up that word art or slim it down.  There are so many options!

As for that challenge.  I'll give ya a hint.  BCD fans will be the ones making the FREE stuff and that means YOU!

If you're here for the FREEBIES, then you better take a look at my previous postings.  TCOT is FULL of FREEBIES!!!

What better reason to come back again?!

Have a fantastic weekend!!!


  1. Ha ha I finally got the freebies!! Thank you so much.

  2. Yay! Thanks for your comments and letting me know you were able to get the goods! hehehe...