Sunday, May 25, 2014

Week #10 TCOT's Weekly Menu Planner

Welcome to week #10 menu planner!

Plan your menu's weekly to save time hassle and money.  Eat real food instead of prepared meals, restaurant and fast foods.  Just keeping away from that stuff will help you tremendously, live a healthier life.  Food should really be a priority in your life.  We are what we eat in the most basic of meanings.

I've got you all set with links and recipes for easy, quick-ish meals made with real food that you can find in nearly any grocery store.

Monday:  We are doing a meat, starch, veg here with fresh cordon bleu from our local butcher.  I don't think it's all that quick and easy to make, so I'm setting you up with a delicious recipe that IS easy!  If you are not a good sauce maker no worries.  Simply simmer 2 packs of cream cheese or 1 cream cheese and one pot of sour cream in a pan, stirring continuously until melted.  Then pour it over your mix.  Done!  Do not melt it in the microwave.  I would also dare to add peas or some broccoli to this for the veggies.  Frozen would be fine, but at the least, lightly thawed.  I take my frozen veggie portions, put them in a big bowl then pour hot, hot water over them.  They will be ready to go by the time your sauce is made.

By the way, this is a kid approved meal!


Tuesday:  Sloppy Joes

MMMM.....a definite family favourite served over toast, in a bun or the neatest way, in a pita!  Click for the recipe and be amazed at how easy it is to make from scratch.


Wednesday:  meat, starch, veg

You choose.  Keep it a flex night.  Grab some rotisserie chicken on your way home from work or some hoagies.  Heat up the left overs from a previous recipe or pan/grill up some Italian style sausage or brat worst, bake some potatoes and serve with corn.  Them tater's might take you some time unless you nuke them.  Microwave food isn't nearly as tasty and the micro waves are not good for you, but it sure is fast!  Check out this recipe if you like.


Thursday:  stir fry

Man, I love me some stir fry.  It's a great way to clean out your fridge, too.  LOL!  Choose your favourite veggies and just about any meat.  I scoured and scoured my favourite recipe sites and couldn't find anything like my really easy and absolutely delicious recipe.  I'm gonna foo foo finagle, again.

Tip:  PREP EVERYTHING!  This goes really, really fast once you have all of your ingredients out.  So, ya gotta be ready.  My kids go crazy over that long, egg noodle pasta.  It's made in less than 5 minutes, too!

Sauce recipe:  1/4 soy sauce
                      2 TBSP honey
                      chill sauce
                      ginger either 1 tablespoon fresh grated or dried, 1/2 tsp  this also depends on how much you like.  Ginger is really good for you!

I've found that the kind of chill sauce you use is really important.  The best is a sweetish chill sauce that isn't too spicy. If you have something like this, then you can use 1/4 cup.  If you are going to use something like Sriacha, then only use a 1/2 tsp unless you like the fire!

Tip:  If ya wanna save a whole lot of time, buy your meat already sliced and grab that fresh wok mix they have in the fresh fruit and veg section of the grocery store.  Super easy!

This link has 15 different recipes!  Just watch all the sugar they require.  Ugh and yuck!


Fun Food Friday: taquitos

I'm not super keen on the cooking method.  Coconut and olive oil are always your healthiest choices to try.  I might try parchment paper and the oven, grilling and turning for a couple of minutes at the end.  You could use hamburger, chicken, ham...all different kinds of meat in these.


Saturday:  smoked salmon sandwiches

This is a totally awesome sandwich.  I'm not a super fan of smoked salmon, but this sandwich is amazing.  I also would not use the Feta cheese they suggest in the recipe.  We use herb and garlic cream cheese.

If this isn't your thing, make a tuna sandwich instead.


Sunday:  Fish, starch, veg

We try to eat fish at least twice a week. Make it with rice, rice or egg noodles, couscous, quinoa...I'll be making quinoa, again and I love fish with broccoli.  It's also one of the few vegetables both my boys can agree on.  Hehehe...Don't forget, putting the rice, fish and veg all in a steamer is a really easy and fast option as well.

Here is a fantastic recipe that you can use on just about any fish.


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