Friday, May 16, 2014

Free Trial Software And Great Deals

 MM store

Welcome to The Cherry On Top,

Did ya see my new gadget?  Since I use the software, I figured I would put a link up so that fans and friends can go and check it out.  So many people ask what kind of software I use to make all of the goodies I share.  My Memories Suite 5 is one of them.  It's the program that got me started with digital scrapbooking.

I am no computer wiz and I found the software REALLY EASY.  I was kind of shocked because I did try making a printable calendar and stumbled terribly through the process in a different program.  I think it gave me a couple of grey hairs.  Hehehe...

My Memories isn't just software either.  They are a store, a blog and a huge contributor to the digital scrapbooking realm.  They have FREEBIES all of the time, excellent promotions and blog hops.  I love those!!  It's where you get a list of blogs to visit and on each blog is a freebie from a My Memories designer.  How cool is that?!  You can seriously build up one heck of a stash just through My Memories alone.

Let me show you some of the layouts I've made recently with My Memories Suite software.

 MM shop

Magical, eh?!  This is Touched By A Butterfly's kit, "Beautiful Flowers".  Isn't it just fabulous?!  You can click on the image to visit the shop and check out the kit.  (You do NOT have to have the MMS software to purchase the kits.)  Working with purchased kits from the MM store is easier and highly recommended.)

 MM Shop

This layout is also made with "Beautiful Flowers" from Touched By A Butterfly.  Now, let me explain the process used here.  I design goodies like cluster frames, word art, templates, etc for designers from the store and these creations get in the shop.  Above, is a cluster frame I designed, that you can purchase for chump change.  You take the cluster frame, blow that baby up, plug in a background/paper like the design background I used here.  Then add a few, small embellishments to balance it out.  Look at the top.  See the matching coloured heart, gems and powder blue flowers sprinkled around?  That's all I did!  That's a huge advantage of buying a kit and the extras that go with it. 

Pressed for time?  No problem!

 mm store

Above, you see a set of templates.  Once again, I designed these for Touched By A Butterfly for in the shop.  The only thing you have to do is put in your pictures!  You can print them out yourself and frame them.  Print them out on good card stock and put them in your own album and you can also add some more embellishments to add dimension.  The MM Store  sells entire photo books that you can have printed out right there.  It's so easy and there is even a discount on that, too.

 photo books

The layouts on the left side would make nice cards, too!  Print them out on good paper at a smaller size and you've got yourself a card!  How awesome is that?!

 MM store

This is an example of word art.  I created it using kits from Touched By A Butterfly.  Add these to a layout, template, hybrid project or enlarge the image, add a pretty background from the kit and insert your pictures and you've got a layout!  (Head over to TBAB's Blog and TBAB Facebook Page regularly.  She's got tons of FREE stuff there!)

 MM Store

I could go on forever about My Memories as a store and software, but I'll close with this last image.  It's also a product I made with a kit from Dora's Digitals.  It's a printable french fry box.  Isn't it so cute?!  What a fantastic gift idea or party favour?!  The My Memory shop is full of printables like these.  Click on the image to check out more.

If you are interested in the software program, click on the image below and have my coupon code ready to save yourself $10!  One more thing!  This program is very, very affordable and in all honesty, I don't know of one cheaper than My Memories Suite.

In Cherry On Top fashion, I have a FREEBIE for you.  Touched By A Butterfly is the provider of the goodies.  Use it in with your MMS software! 

 Touched By A Butterfly Freebie

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I can help you or answer questions about the software if you need it.  Come back again for more updates, projects and freebies with MyMemories!

A GREAT thing you can try is the TRIAL version.  I was hooked immediately, but ya might one to give it a shot first.  Click on either of the images at the top or bottom of this blog, scroll down the page and at the end you will see the TRIAL VERSION.

Click on the image here or above to get your software and get scrap'n today!  THE SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE IS:  STMMMS18837

 MM store

Nearly forgot!  I'm in the middle of making two, baby, digital scrapbooks with My Memories Suit 5. I'll be sharing the entire way through and I'll have tips and tricks for you.  The books will also be available for sale in the shop.


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