Monday, September 7, 2015

Bloglovin' Follow and Be Followed

Follow my blog with Bloglovin'

I've only been using Bloglovin' a couple of months and recently added The Cherry On Top because I'm super impressed with Bloglovin'.

If I could envision a way to see the blogs I love in a snap shot, it would be like this.  I'm am totally one of those, "in a nutshell" kind of people.  I appreciate the abbreviated version and that's what Bloglovin' does.  It gives you a glance at your chosen blogs and if the subject matter interests you, then you can click and read more.  Perfect!

They also suggest similar blogs to those on your list.  

Here's a screen shot of what my Bloglovin' looks like.

Another feature that I love is the amount of e-mail I receive.  My inbox is not inundated with mail from Bloglovin'.  Thank goodness for that.  Just a reminder every now and then to check out my favourite blogs.  It surly is an advantage to keep up with The Cherry on a weekly basis.  We often have limited time freebies that you won't want to miss as well as seasonal recipes and crafty projects to keep you up to date.

I found this great article at the DailyPost that explains it all very thoroughly, if you're interested in both organising your favourite blogs in one spot with an APP or if you want to claim your own blog there.  

You can also go directly to Bloglovin' and get started right away.

The best part is it's free!

So keep up with us here at The Cherry and find your other favourite blogs at Bloglovin' and get them all nice and neat in one convenient place.

Happy organising!

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