Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hybrid Mini And Bow Tutorial

Howdy, Happy Scrappers!

Welcome to yet another scrap edition of The Cherry On Top.

Today, we've got layout inspiration galore, a hybrid mini album idea that's basic and easy as well as instructions on how to make a pretty bow.

The family went to the south of France this summer on the invitation of our lovely neighbour.  They let us lodge in their gorgeous 18th century home in Serdinya.

As a way to say thank you, I designed these 10 digital pages, backed them with traditional scrap paper and inserted them in a typical 6x6 album that you can get nearly anywhere.  (Here in Belgium, I often find them at the Boekenvoordeel.)

I'll show off each digital page for you.  I used several different kits from the Studio's huge collaboration, Surf, Sand and the 4th.  The colour palette is all the same and if you noticed, the colours from the French flag.  I just so happened to have some scrappy papers with a vintage, British feel with the same red, blue and off white.  Score!  (Also purchased at Boekenvoordeel.)

Each page was designed in PhotoShop Elements 11 on a 6x6 page.

I started the album off with photos from the trip.  The cover photo is a picture of the village.

This one reminds me of a postcard.  More photos from Serdinya, including a shot taken from the back balcony and our doggie.

On the drive you could see the Mediterranean from the gorgeous hi-way we drove on.  Though we do have to pay tolls for this route, the roads were dreamy, clean, safe and not too, busy.

Later in our trip, the boys got to swim in the Med.

My son and husband went on a long hike up in the mountains and because he's so wonderful, took pictures for me to scrap.  Hehehe...

Uitzichten are views in case you were wondering.

How about this backyard?  Absolutely fabulous.  The kids went swimming nearly every single day.

I love the way this one turned out and the photo is sweet.  How about the gorgeous view from the backyard?  No, not me!  The mountain.  Just kidding!

I thought it might be nice for my neighbour to have some pictures of the inside of her place incase she wanted to show them off to her friends or potential renters.

I was able to set up more pages in a format that would come out perfectly on my printer which uses an A4 format.  Two on one page to save paper!  You could make them perfectly 6x6 to fit right in the page inserts.  That would save a ton of time.

Print out all of your pages.  Then cut out each one.  Decide if you want a frame or not, but try to keep them the same throughout so you have consistency.

As you can see, my pages were too small for the book, because I wanted to save printed paper, so I adhered each page to my scrapbooking paper.  I often use both double sided tape and glue.  If one fails you have back up and the glue can give you just a touch of play so that you can line it up perfectly.

I use one large strip of double sided tape right across the middle, then glue close to the edges and in-between.  Keep in mind where your tape is and do not allow the page to land on that tape.  Line up around the edges where the glue is so you can slide it around until you get it in the right spot, then gently press where the tape is.

Cutting the pages, layering them up and inserting didn't take long at all.

The cover of this book had little to be desired.  So I found some pretty vintage scrapbooking paper that matched and cut out two square to cover most of the bluish colour.  I used the same method to adhere the square to both the front and back cover.

I applied a simple, paper pocket by applying double sided tape around the edges to three sides leaving the top open to insert an envelope with money.  I used some cardboard cut out letters after inking around the edges because the bright yellow looked a bit shocking on the blue.  If you're not super skilled at getting all of those letters nicely lined up, like me, then stagger them a bit.  I added a couple of cheap, blue paper flowers to give it more touch.  Spiral those extra wires to look like nice greenery by wrapping them around a tip of a small paint brush or pencil.

I had taken a lot of pictures during the process, but realised at the very end, that I forgot to put my memory card in the camera!!!  I've done that way too much.

On to the bow.  I just love bows.  They pimp up gifts and arrangements beautifully, cheaply and easily.  The key is to get ribbon with wire on the edges.  You can't fail!  I have one of those wooden, bow maker machine thingies, but have been making them long enough, I can wing it, now.

For this book, I used the ribbon around the entire front cover, both in and out.  I did a test run to see approximately, how much ribbon I needed so I could cut it. Then adhered the ribbon, right in the middle, where my finger is in this first illustration.

Make your first loop.  Then fold to make your second loop the same size as the first.

I, typically go smaller with each new layer.  Making sure with each layer that both loops are about the same size.  (That's what the bow making machine is for.)

Make as many layers as you like.  I go three or four, most the time.

With your left over, fold the end back under, in the middle.  Adhere if you'd like for a snug, stay put ribbon.

I went a step further with this bow and took some jewellery wire and ran one end through the middle of my bow and wrapped it around, pinching the bow to look puckered.  

Twist the wire to get the right amount of puckering.  Then simply tuck it under the bow out of sight.

There it is!  Such a big difference.  Sure wish I had that before picture.  At least ya get to see the finished product.  A gorgeous tag would make a sweet touch here, too.

This mini can be made rather quickly.  Most of your time will go into designing the digital pages.  However, there are even ways to get around that and we'll be back to show you just how easy it can be!

Thanks for checking us out.  Feel free to peruse our other tutorials and grab a lot of freebies if you like.

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