Friday, September 25, 2015

Pizza Power, Baby!

Welcome to my dream blog!

Hehehe...I love most things food and home related.  I also love crafts like scrapbooking and digital scrap as well.  This entry is giving me a chance to do both!

I can show off some cool scrappy stuff and set you up with some awesome recipes that will get you on your way to making the best pizza ever.

Our entire family is pizza crazy.  It's always been a favourite of mine.  There are so many ways to make pizza and we'll talk about a few, ranging from mega easy and super cheap to gourmet delicious and a bit more time consuming.  We've also got Paleo/gluten free recipes for you.

Keep scrolling to get your free recipe cards, check out some layout love, view a few lovely, new kits from BoomersGirl Designs and take a gander at some awesome recipes.


That's Liam and I preparing a pizza with the recipes provided here.  The dough is the best and the sauce is just super.  Any time you can get the kids involved, you should.  My guys love hanging out in the kitchen.  Here they can learn some cooking skills, experiment with food and their favourite part, taste.
My biggest beef I had with dough related recipes was the stickiness.  Until, I figured out that my dough was just too moist.  Keep adding flour a tablespoon at a time and when the dough stops sticking to your fingers, then it's good.  Hehehe...I've made several different recipes and this one I like the most.  No frills ingredients.

Sauce is such a particular, personal kind of taste thing.  The above recipe is a great base.  You can add your favourite veggies in there.  Think about that when your trying to get those veg into picky eaters.  Puree them and stick them in the sauce so they don't know.  I do it all of the time. I also omit the sugar.  Tomatoes are sweet on their own and so are other veggies that you may add.

The above recipe cards are all ready for download.  Right click and save to where you need it.

How about this adorable kit that I used to make these recipe cards and the layout above?  It's from BoomersGirl Designs.  Click on the preview below to get to Lori's shop at GingerScraps and get a closer look.  Pizza Power is Cowabunga Cool!


Let's look at some of those other recipes.

This first one is the easiest and quickest.  Grab a tortilla, spoon a bit of sauce on top.  I use one of those silicone brushes to spread my sauce.  You can also use the back of a spoon.  Sprinkle some shredded cheese over the sauce.  Mix it up!  I often use two or three different types of cheeses.  Fresh mozzarella, goat cheese, cheddar...The choice is yours.  That right there is simple basic pizza.  You don't need any more, but of course you could add shrooms, meats, anchovies, etc.

Bake this sucker at 200C for about 5 minutes and you're ready to eat.  It just has to melt the cheese and heat through.

JJ loves making his own tortilla pizza and I like that he can't complain about his pizza because he made it himself.

Here are two other, alternative ideas for you.  Slice an egg plant about 1/4 inch thick, cook slightly on each side and make your pizza using the egg plant as your crust.  Voila!  In this image, I used freshly diced tomatoes with a lot of herbs, green onions and tried out some vegan mozzarella.  It was delicious!

Another way to cut carbs and get a total protein boost is to use eggs as your crust or base.  Cook up a lovely scramble of eggs, add your sauce and whatever toppings fit your family's dietary requirements.

Pizza Power, Baby!  It keeps the family happy.  It doesn't cost a lot of money and can be ready in under 10 minutes.

Here's another new kit from BoomersGirl Designs.  Let's Shell-ebrate!  All of this bright, fun awesomeness rolled into one fantastic kit that you could use for any pictures or party projects you may have on your to do list.


Here's the layout I created with Shell-ebrate.


Remember that all of our free goodies are for PERSONAL USE ONLY and are not to be resold or claimed as your own.

Thanks for giving The Cherry a couple minutes of your time.

Have a super day!

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