Saturday, September 26, 2015

Free Princess Paper Stacker #4 From The Cherry On Top

 Welcome to Scrappy Saturday at The Cherry On Top!

For three weeks, we've been giving a new stacked paper to fans and this week is the last one.  Make sure you hop around and get all four stackers.  They will make a great digital mini album or hybrid album for your princess.

Scroll further to see our completed hybrid project with the free Cute Cards, take a peep at what we did with the free paper stackers and get the newest free stacker.

 free stackers

So, there are all four of our paper stackers. Did you miss some?  Check out our awesome gallery at Photobucket and find them all by clicking on the above image.

Take a gander at our inspiration.

This is the hybrid project we whipped up.  Use the Cute Cards in digital form and insert your pictures, then print them out.  It's the easiest and fastest way to make the mini.  Haven't got your Cute Cards yet?  Click on the image and get them while you can.

 free cute cards

Cut out the number of cards you'll need.  I used 8 for this project.

Then I used this color coordinating, pink card stock from my paper stash.  I left the original width and cut a bit off of the length so that the cards had a frame of the pink card stock.

Simply take your long piece of card stock and gently figure where each crease should be according to the width of your Cute Cards.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  I find when it's a little off, it actually gives the album a more dimensional appeal.

In typical TCOT gluing fashion, I use both double sided tape and my all time favourite glue pen.  (The bottom end is for large areas and the tip is obviously for tiny ones.)  I use the tape around the edges and the glue in the middle.  This way there is a little give for getting your piece right where you want it.  Then press gently where the tape is and it will stay in place.

I added this fun, bright washi tape down each crease.  It's a bit of contrast, but it brings the mini accordion to life and gives the mini album a bit more rigidity and cohesion.

I layered up a second image of the card with photo by cutting just enough off around the edges that you can see the difference, but you don't have to do this.  You could add some dimensional/foam tape for an even deeper effect if you go with this lengthier tactic.

This particular mini is for the little girl with the striped shirt.  She goes to JJ's  school for special needs and is also my husband's best friend's girl.  One out of three, now!  I didn't put any extra dimensional elements on it to keep it sweet and simple.  She can handle it as much as she likes and no worries about how she handles it either because nothing can fall off.

Shoo!  We'll have some more free clusters coming up from the Princess Collection so that you can use them with your stackers and Cute Cards.  Looks for those on Friday's, right here on the blog.

If you can't get enough freebies, you've come to the right place.  We post free stuff continuously and our Pinterest and Facebook is even better yet!  Join us at all of our outlets!

Remember that all of our goodies are free and they are Personal Use ONLY.  Do not resell or claim them as your own.  Thanks for all of your liking, sharing, Pinning and +ing!  We love that and it's the best way possible to say thanks.

Have a super scrappy weekend!

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