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Advantages of Digital Collections

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We've got some totally awesome inspiration for you.  We're showing off several layouts and giving you some great ideas on how to use digital collections to your advantage.  There are so many plus points when purchasing a designer's collection and we're going over those as well as giving nifty gifties, too.

We spoke on collections and how to combine them with other kits and collections in our Friday blog. Today, we are going to get an up close look at an extraordinary collection from SnickerDoodle Designs.  I just know you are going to love it!

 the Studio

Let's take a thorough look at the above layout.  It's all from scratch.  Meaning I scrapped up every single  elements individually and did not use a template.  Absolutely beautiful flowers, silky ribbons, a touch of bling and pearls adding glamour and luxury.  Then the whimsical bubbles.  I can't resist using bubbles.  They add dimension as well as a touch of frivolity. 

One of my favourite packs in this collection are these quote overlays.  I've never seem them before and I absolutely love them.  See how I used them in the above layout?  I added the coordinating glitter effects (also in the collection) then laid it over my large photo.  Oooh...I'm in love with this look.  It gives my layout an unobtrusive frame and a bit of gleaming glam, too.

 the Studio

Here's a look at the kit.  Isn't it just so special?  The elements are beyond fabulous and you can use it for any type of project you might have in mind.  It's also currently on a fabulous promotion!

 the Studio

Let's take a look at another pack in this teriffic collection and why collections are the best way to scrap.

I think this layout is amazing may have taken 5 minutes to scrap!  If time is not on your side when it comes to digital scrapbooking, then you definitely need to purchase collections!  This layout is just a border from the collection pack, inverted and horizontally switched up to give the effect you see here.

Scrapped up in minutes is very appealing!

 the studio

Here are the borders.  Are they not fabulous?  Use them along the sides, top or bottom or even in the middle.  I often use them right across the middle and place the photos behind them.  If you don't like that they look cut off, place a long ribbon across the bottom or layer up some strips of paper to get you to the bottom or top of your layout.

 the studio

Here's an example of a huge border with the photos tucked behind it.
This is Over The Fence, Travelin' Man Collection.
 Travel'n Man

Here's another example using borders as the main part of your layout to save you tons of time.  I used some torn papers to get a finished look across my page.

Karen from SnickerDoodle also hosts the border challenge at the Studio. She's also a bit of an expert on borders.  Have you seen the Border Buddies?  They are definitely an asset to have in your digital stash.

Berry Happy from PattyB Scraps

Here is an example of a border, not used on the sides or edges of the page.  I just used this bow/ribbon to cover up the bottom edge that would normally not look right placed there.  You could used long strips of paper as well or anything like you see at the top of my page with those kinds of borders.

Here's an example of those Border Buddies.  She's got a lot more in the shop.  Click on the image to see them.  You won't know which one to choose.

 the Studio

Another pack you will often find in a designer's collection is a pack of clusters.  For this layout below, I used a ready made cluster and a layered paper.  This was another layout made in minutes.  I added a couple more matching elements from the clusters for cohesion.  Repetition is always good for a balanced look.  I added a frame the collection, the circle you see and then whipped up the word art.  It's just an alpha from my software and Karen's glitter effect from the collection on them.  Popped in the flower that is also in both clusters and those great leaves.  Boom!  Finished in a flash.

 the Studio

This is what the entire collection looks like.

 the Studio

This is a close up of the clusters.  The one in the middle, left is the one I used for the above layout.  Take a good look at them and see how they make scrapbooking so fast and easy.

 the studio

The first layered paper stack you see here is the one I used.  The others will also offer a quick layout when coupled up with the clusters and goodies from the kit.  If getting a symmetric, cohesive look is difficult for you to achieve, then collections are ideal for you.  Collections are great for when your mojo is on low, too.

 the Studio

Click on the image to get to Karen's blog and grab our freebie.

Eek!  Get this awesome free overlay at Snickerdoodle Designs blog!

 Snickerdoodle Designs blog

The Cherry On Top designed a couple of freebies for Snickerdoodle.  Find them on her blog, which I would also totally recommend you follow.  Karen writes totally awesome, thoughtful blogs full of tutorials, tips and freebies.  If you love her designs like I do, check out the Facebook Page and Pinterest.

Thanks so much for hanging out with The Cherries!

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