Sunday, February 7, 2016

Free Template For February

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We've got a sweet template for you made with the free goodies from our February kit.  There are many other things that coordinate.  Check them all out, right here.  We also have a tutorial to go with this template because it is a bit tricky to get it just right if you plan on using one photo.

So keep scrolling to see our inspiration, tutorial, the coordinating goodies for February and download the free template.

I'm thinking you can use this as a template or a quick page.  The choice is yours!

NO LONGER AVAILABLE  (Sorry for the inconvenience.  Google, for some reason, made these inaccessible and I can't even find this file there anymore.) NO WORRIES! I've got SO many free goodies and kits on the blog.  Besides, this one was REALLY old.  Hehehe...Click here or here or even type in "free kit" in the search and see what comes up.  Also, our Pinterest is FULL of fab freebies!

Free kit

This is the template that started it all.  I got it as a free download from the Scrap Orchard when it was open.  Boo Hoo...  It's designed by Chelle's Creation who also recently retired.  More boo hoo...  I did change it up a bit, but the basis was great and this layout using MagsGraphics, You and Me, Babe has got some attention on our social sites.  Rightly, so!  What a great kit with super colours and mega versatile, too.  That cute little face, might also have something to do with all of the "Likes".  Hehehe...

MagsGraphics, You and Me, Babe

I thought the template was a bit tricky to work with.  You don't have to insert one photo.  You could put a different photo in each frame.  The trick is to get just the right picture.  Check out both of these pictures.  A sweet centre point with a lot of background will make this template easier to scrap.

I made my template a little different.  I thought it might easier to scrap if the rectangle frames were a bit wider.  I also added a cluster at the top and a few other layers.

Choose a photo that will be easiest to work with as mentioned above.  You'll have to play with it a bit in the beginning to see how big or small you have to adjust your picture.  It really doesn't matter with what frame you start.  Perhaps the middle, first.  Select the frame, drag in your picture, resize the picture, command g or clip it in, then make the adjustments.

Use the above steps for all of the frames.  Blow up your picture the exact same size for each time you clip it in.  You can see that in each frame here, it's been done.  I made it the same size as the centre portion of the template which made it really easy.

What I mean by adjusting is shown below.  Look at the frame of my window in the background.  All I had to do was use the arrow keys until my window fit, like a puzzle.

If you are using a photo of a person or people, make sure the faces are nicely in each rectangle.  It looks a lot better.

Everything all lined up and the faces nicely in each frame.

To get the free template click here.  

We'll be back with how to make those letter templates.

See our other coordinating freebies, below.

Free Planner Pages for February
free download
free download 

A free quick page.  Just download right from here.

More coordinating goodies for your planner or what not.  We used them to design a mini album.  See the tutorial here.  You can make it very simply quickly and with little supplies.  For the jpg version, just right click and download.  For the png version, click here.

 This is a pretty awesome template for a heart shaped basket using our free goodies.
free download
You are set with a nice selection of freebies from The Cherry On Top.  Everything is for Personal Use Only and is not to be resold or claimed as yours.

Hit up our Pinterest or Facebook Page to find new freebies ever single day.

Happy Scrapping!

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