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Colour My World Collection, Inspiration and Hybrid

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's, Hybrid Saturday.

The Digital Scrapbooking Studio has an awesome promotion going on, right now.  The designers have created beautiful packs for just $1 a piece.  The selection is unreal.   You won't know which one to choose.

I worked with LouCee Creations and Aimee Harrison Designs collections.  They are both popping with vibrant gorgeousness.  Keep reading to see the layouts I designed, take a look at the hybrid air balloon, breeze through the tutorial and get the free templates so you can design your own air balloon.  They are really easy to make and do not require a lot of materials.

 Colour My World

I had more than enough photos for this kind of kit.  Both my boys love to colour draw and get creative.  I wonder where they get it from?  It was chance that JJ's sweater matched the frame so well.

 Colour My World

Here's a look at the air balloon.  You can make it in under an hour.

At the bottom of this entry, I have templates for both the balloon and box.  You'll just need 5 balloons.  You could use the same colour.  You could just cut out the template and do it all traditional style or you can do it digital by clipping in your favourite papers.

Once you have downloaded the templates, either clip in your digital goodies or get tracing.  The only other things you will need is some glue, scissors, string and if you are using extra embellishments.

Cut out the 5 balloons and the box.

I used regular printer paper because of all of the layers being glued together, the project is rather rigid already.

Typically, I pre fold then glue.

The box is a breeze to construct.

You will want to try and get your balloons as close to perfect as possible and all the same size, too.  It's not a big deal, but you'll have more work to do if you don't.

The best way to get that perfect fold, is to start at the bottom and line the left side with the right side as perfect as you can.

Voila!  5 balloons folded.

Choose a balloon to adhere your string for hanging.

Then start gluing your balloons together.  I did half at a time.

Just keep flipping them over like a book until you are finished.

Here's an example of what it looks like when it isn't matched up just right.  No big deal.  There are a few things you can do to remedy this.  If you are using all the same coloured paper ya won't even see this.  You can trim off the excess with scissors.  You could ink over it or colour in the white with a marker.

For a large area to correct, I'd use the scissors.  This is a close up and it really isn't bad at all.  I just inked it well on both sides.

Carefully place your strings for the box in a strategic location.  Consider how far down you want your box to hang.  Mine is about 4 inches.  Put the string where you won't see it as much if you do have some kind of focal point like my writing on the one side.

I simply taped the string everywhere needed.

I also whipped up some flags for mine.  Take note, one is upside down. This way you can glue them back to back and see it from all of the way around.

I also put in some coordinating beads under and above the flag for more bada bing.

Here's a close up of the white peeping through.

And just a couple of seconds, it is all fixed by using a stamp pad and lightly brushing around the edges.  Now, it is perfect!

I wanted to add some more fine details.  I took this double sided tape and went through all of the pages with just the one piece.  Like when you were gluing the balloons, keep flipping the page and adhere your tape.

Then go through again and adhere your ribbon to the tape.  It goes very fluid.

Nearly finished!

Tip:  Something I do a lot is put some glue on the backside of your double sided tape paper and squeeze it through any area that is sticking up.

I wanted a bit more bling.  So I added some.

If you are going to use the ribbon, it will cover over your string.

Just attach your box and you are set.

Here's a look at LouCee's kit.  The entire collection is really sweet.

 Colour My World

 Another collection is Be a Wild Flower from Aimee Harrison Designs.  I loved her torn paper and layered them up.  The stamps in the collection are also gorgeous.  Finally the perfect kit to scrap JJ and Snuffie.

 Be A Wild Flower

Both previews are linked to the store.  Ya get a whole lot for just $1!

 Aimee Harrison Designs

I tried to get an outside shot and my balloon nearly blew away and landed right next to the chicken poop!  Hehehe...It certainly did handle the wind without falling apart.  Score!

Here is what the box template looks like when you clip in your papers and design some extras.

Right click to download the box and balloon templates.

If you are seeking the digital templates, click here.

We have a lot more hybrid projects like these as well as printables, templates and so much more.  Take a stroll through the blog, follow us on Facebook for daily inspiration and freebies and join our Pinterest, too where you can easily see all of our stuff in one place.

Thanks so much for stopping by The Cherry.  Keep in mind all of our freebies are for personal use ONLY.

Happy crafting!

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