Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mini Folding Scrapbook Album

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We are back with our traditional version of this nifty, folding mini album.  Last week we showed you the digital, hybrid version.  Click here to see that tutorial as well as grab the free template that you can use digitally or traditionally.

Keep reading to see our tutorial on how to craft up this lovely mini album that you can have finished by lunch.  We've also included some images on how to design with some or our favourite goodies from Graphic 45.

Grab the download from last week and print it out.

You can choose to print it out on the paper you want to use for your project or you can print, cut and trace it.

You may want to lightly mark where the folds go if you are tracing the template.

I often lightly fold my template so I can see where the folds are when scrapping it up.  

Tip:  If you want nice, straight lines, use a ruler or something similar.

Your basic album is all set for embellishing and photos.  Let's look at some techniques you can use to make an awesome project.

Tip:  Using a collection is an excellent way to keep your projects looking balanced and coordinated.  It's also a time saver.

Here is Graphic 45's Steam Punk Spells embellishments.

Gently remove a couple of different shape circles.  I inked around the edges and cut or filed off those nobs of paper from where it was attached.  Stack them up, adhere and you've got a lovely layered flower for your mini.

Here's a tag from Play Time's Past.  The blue was very similar and I love that shot of bright on all of this black.  Ink around the edges, add a coordinating gingham ribbon, cut out the square checker boards, lay those over some tiny strips of scrap from the collection and add tiny buttons for further dimension.

We used the same layering technique as the flowers, for these circles.  I also off centered the top square so that the circles would stand out a bit more and more of the black background would be covered. Very important!  This part of the template needs to be done upside down.  Make certain that each portion of the template is heading in the right direction.  It's a mistake I make often.

Here's a look at the inside of the mini so far.  The lovely, thick, black card stock as background for the squares I cut out from Play Time's Past paper.

This is a look at the outside of the mini.  Notice the bottom portion is upside down.

I printed out my photos at just over 2 1/2 "by 2" inches and rounded the corners. You can always print out squared photos and use a corner punch.

Place your photos where you like on the squares.  You can use the outside, inside, make pockets, adhere them onto tags...

Another closer glimpse at our embellishments.  Two ribbons behind the domino tag, more small checker boards and another layered up, coordinating circle.

The outside part is all finished!

Here is how be built up the flower for the cover.

Tip:  We used the larger check board from Play Times Past for our flower on the cover.  I used a flower that was just the right size, as a template.

Tip:  Don't forget to check out the other side of these sheets of embellishments. I used the back side for this blue flower.

Tip:  Be sure to gently remove your embeltiments.  For the really small ones, I use a pen or pencil and gently push through.

The flower is all layered, inked and ready to go.  I used a glue dot that easily comes off to open and close the mini. Consider elastic, close your album.

Tip:  Do not over embellish or stack too high or your album will not close properly.

Here is our digital and hybrid mini's.

LOOK AT US!  We FINALLY figured out how to make a video AND are still trying to figure out how to get it on the blog. 

Thanks for joining us for today's traditional scrap.  We provided you with a free template, some great tips and techniques as well as a tutorial so you can scrap fast, savvy and smart.

We've got a Graphic 45 board on Pinterest as well as a board where you can find all of our free stuff and trust me, there are a lot of things there.

We'll be back next week another traditional scrap project.

Happy crafting!

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