Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Little Spot On The Prairie Free Template

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I was totally inspired by a layout I spotted on Pinterest and couldn't wait to try it out.  I paired that layout up with a brand new kit from LouCee Creations, Little Spot On The Prairie.  I love this crafty feel of the water colour and the irony of a desert type of theme.

I had these lovely photos of my oldest when he went to a CowBoy themed party.  I cut the centre of the o's out and inserted my pictures, giving LouCee's kit, centre stage.

 LouCee Creations

Here's another layout from my scrapper sister, Erika.

I thought the layout was pretty unique, so I turned it into a free template for you.  I realise that you may have a girl where this kind of page might work.  Keep scrolling to see how I changed it to be gender friendly.  That's the beauty of templates, their flexibility. Make sure you spell little correctly, too!  Hehehe...

How's that for a change up?  I scrapped up my niece and her horse and used a really fabulous kit from  BoomersGirl Designs, Wild Wild West.  It's the kind of kit that you'll use over and over.  It is chocked full of awesome elements.

I am experimenting a bit with this template and outlines.  If you download this template and have problems using it, I would appreciate your feedback.  Even though our stuff is free, I want it to be awesome.  Here's a little guide on how to ditch the outline in PSE.  

Go to your layers menu, click on the fx letters to the right of the name of your element you want to change.  This menu will pop up.  Click on the box with the stroke to get rid of it and hit OK.  You can also right click whilst hovering over your element and click on clear layer style, but you'll lose your shadows, too.

 Wild Wild West

Here's not only a peek at LouCee's kit, but a pretty free border, too.  You must be fast because it's only available through the week!

 Louie's Freebie

This free cluster you can find on LouCee's Facebook Page.

 LouCee on FB

To get today's template, click here.

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