Saturday, April 30, 2016

Easy Hybrid Accordion Album with Tutorial

Welcome to The Cherry on Top's Hybrid Saturday.

Two weeks ago we made this cute spring card for mom and today we are looking at the insert, accordion album and pocket.  When you keep reading, you'll find an  in-depth tutorial, with tips, tricks and techniques to make scrapping easier, faster and prettier.  You'll also get a look at some recent hybrid projects as well as traditional ones and we are giving you a peek at a future hybrid freebie for the kids.

Here's the card I designed with 3D elements using Paty Greif Digital Design's new Spring In My Garden Collection.  This  collection is proving to be quite a success.  It's getting Pinned like crazy.  If you want to take a look at the tutorial and the card, click on the photo below.

You can also see today's project, accordion mini.  Keep scrolling to get a look at the tutorial.  It's made very quickly, easily and with few materials.

 The Cherry On Top

I designed a simple template and deleted it.  Ugh!  I have the new PSE and apparently the saving system is completely different.  So it turns out I lost quite a lot of tif and psd formats with all of those lovely layers.

Anyway...Hehehehe...  All you have to do to make this a hybrid project is plug in your photos, background papers and elements into a template which is just composed of these three squares.  Do it twice, print and adhere each strip to a sturdy piece of coordinating card stock. Fold it in three and you're set!

Here is the other side.

I wanted to make a pocket for the inside of the card so I could put this mini in there.

Pockets are a breeze to make.  Measure up the size pocket you need, place your adhesive in the right spots and that's it.

For a more decorative look, I'm framing up a sweet sentiment using this chipboard frame.  You could paint the frame or paper it like I did with some more coordinating scrap.  Actually, all of what you see today is from scrap paper.

Trace around your shape, cut, punch holes and adhere to the chipboard.  It doesn't take long at all.  If you paint, you have to wait for it to dry.

These were the tools I used.  The exacto is great for cutting out that rectangle in the centre.

This glue is my all time favourite for scrap projects. It has two ends.  One for fine gluing and the bottom for large surfaces.

I used brads and lined them up so the back does not show.  You can always cut off extra or you could adhere your frame right to the pocket with the brads, but I don't want my mini getting caught on the brads inside the pocket.

I rarely use rub ons because they seem to go to crap before I can even use them.

These from the Rusty Pickle were still in great shape and the sentiments are really useful.  I love using the packaging for my projects, don't you?  I used the backing from the rub ons to place my sentiment.

The words popped much better on the white paper than when backed on the pink.

Place the frame over the sentiment.

Adhere the pocket to the inside of the card and that's it!  So easy!

Clicker here for the free template in tif, psd and jpg.

Here's a look at our last traditional scrap project with Graphic 45's Bohemian Bazaar.

This was last week's hybrid.  A fun, really easy air ballon with all free templates and in depth tutorial.  It's so fast and easy even the kids can do it!

Yesterday, was my oldest son's birthday and we got him a mega, crazy huge Nurf gun.  I designed these fun targets for him in hopes of him going for these rather than the pets and his brother!  Hehehe...I'll have them up on the blog for Throw Back Thursday.

Thank you so much for giving The Cherry your precious time!

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