Monday, September 5, 2016

AuSumness and The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

You used to find blog entries for Autism on my blog, but lately they are not here.

No worries!  We are still blogging useful tips, tricks, information, research, links and anecdotes relating to Autism.  We started a new, separate blog especially for it and it is called AuSumness, Finding the Awesome in Autism.

There is a whole heck of a lot of awesome in Autism.  Just as much if not more than the less favourable behaviour associated with it.  Some times you have to wait for that moment and relish in it and other times you have to dig to find it.

There is a brand new entry just up, today.  Head on over and start following us there.  We also will keep Pinning those posts from AuSumness on our Autism board on Pinterest.

Thanks for stopping by The Cherry.  We'll see ya at AuSumness!

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