Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Cherry On Top's Most Popular Paper Projects

Welcome to Throw Back Thursday with The Cherry On Top.

We're not throwing it back too far with this week's photo.  That's me with my boys just three years ago.  My oldest is passed my nose, now!  Hehehe...

We are going pretty far back with our projects we've got on tap, today.  This morning, I went through all 400+ blogs I've done so far to see which ones got the most views.  I was thrilled to see my traditional paper projects won the prize.  I really work hard on these templates and it's great to see the hard work paid off.  They are also three of my all time favourite projects to date.  Check them out and make them your favourite, too.

All of these projects are easy on your pocket and can be whipped up rather quickly making them very doable for just about anyone. I've also included step by step tutorials as well as free templates for very efficient crafting.

I really love this paper apron.  I made it for Mother's Day and included these laminated recipe cards to fit in the pocket.  They are our family's favourites. This can be hung up or free standing.  It might look difficult, but with our step by step tutorial, you'll do a great job, no matter your skill level.

 The Cherry On Top's Terrific Paper Apron with Free Template

I have made so many of these tiny top hats.  Hehehe...  You only need very few supplies to make something spectacular because they are small, they require little embellishing.

Go formal and conservative or...

 top hat, free tutorial and template from The Cherry On Top

go all out bold and bodacious!

This darling here is our #1!  It's the most viewed blog we have to date, tripling the amount of views.  It's also an older entry, but it is a dandy.

 paper dress tutorial from The Cherry On Top

Check out the tutorial and you may be surprised how easily this lovely soft, paper dress was made.

Here's another example of a paper dress.  I've made digital templates so you can use the dresses digitally or traditionally.  Read through our instructions and see how they best fit your crafting needs.

digitally scrapped

traditionally scrapped
 free paper and digital dress template from The Cherry On Top

We'll be back for Freebie Friday.  We've got a monster of a goody waiting for you.

Here is what we had for Traditional Tuesday:

Up Cycled Christmas cards made in a flash.  Join The Cherry and have those cards ready for delivery!


Thanks so much for hanging with The Cherry!

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