Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mini Scrapbooks Made In Minutes With Free Templates

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We're back with more hybrid Saturday madness.  I've got layout love, a mini tutorial, a free template and a boat load of links for more awesome hybrid projects with free templates.

I am in love with Key Lim Digi Designs kit, Bermuda Shorts.  These awesome colours are totally mah' thang.  They echo summer fun so I've cooked up a fun mini album you can make with just one piece of paper and very little time is required.  Oh, yeah!

Here's a look at the template.  A super, basic template.  You can print it out and trace around it if you like or you can download the tif and or psd files and do it up DigiStyle like I did here.  Of course you can mix and match.  Do the basic layout on the computer, print it out and embellish until your heart is content.

I've designed this template so if you print it out as is, it should fit on standard size U.S. and International paper.

A tip you may want to consider, is the thick black lines.  If you're savvy enough, you can delete the layer style in the tif and psd version if you don't want these heavy lines.
 free template for a folding mini album

Do one digital page and add in your paper of choice for one side.  As you can see, I also added a little embellishment so I could get the size just right.  I printed the cluster out separately and added it to the album at the end.

Here is just one idea you can use.  I simply cropped in fun summer photos in each piece of the template and added very few elements to the centre picture.  All digitally, of course.

You could scrap up the entire template digitally if you'd prefer.

This particular method pictured will make scrapping very fast.

I recommend printing front and back if your printer has that feature.  Otherwise, print out both pages, cut it out and then glue them back to back.

Here it is printed and cut out.

Here's the other side.

I often use a tiny glue dot to close my mini's.

 Here it is, all scrapped up and ready to go.

If you're looking for more easy mini albums.  We've got ya covered.  Check out some of our previous projects.  Each preview is linked up to the blog with the tutorial and free template.  How great is that?!

We did a traditional scrap as well as a digital scrap with this template.

 Free Folding Mini Scrap Album Template

This mini came out so cool.  I put in a pocket on the last page for some cash.  So my niece got a fun album of herself, friends and family and it served as a card and money holder.

 Free Template for Mini Album

This is another very fast project.  It's an accordion style mini.

 Easy Accordion Album

This is absolutely my all time favourite mini project to date!  It's a wallet that serves as a mini album (if you choose), a gift card holder and or money holder.  It's just like a wallet only made of paper.  I've got a manly version of this, a Minecraft version and this lovely girly edition.  You totally HAVE to do this!

 Free Wallet/Gift/Money Card Template

This little doozy is a very small accordion style mini that fits neatly into a large match box.  Talk about recycling.  I used various goodies from Graphic 45 for this one.  Take a look at the tutorial and give it a try.

 Accordion Mini with Graphic 45

So, how's that for mini madness?!  I told ya we've got you covered.

Thanks so much for taking a peep at The Cherry.  We invite you to sit back and scroll through previous entries to see all of the mazing freebies and inspiration you've missed.

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Happy scrapping!

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