Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Covering A Duvet Without The Work Out

Welcome to another helpful edition of The Cherry On Top.

I don't know about you, but covering a duvet was like an aerobic workout!  Shaking and lifting and lifting and shaking and crawling on and off of the bed and more lifting and shaking.  Hehehe...

A couple of months ago I saw a video on how to easily cover a duvet.  I tried it out and it worked great!  It's called the Tamale Roll.  I found some videos and chose one that was more entertaining and without commercials.

Your duvet should start off flat, spread out and inside out. 

Place your duvet neatly over the top of it.  Starting at what would be the top of your bed (by the pillows) start rolling it. 

When you have it rolled, tuck the corners into the opening.

Unroll and that's it!

No more sweating and panting!  Hehehe...

If you want to see the video from the...Crazy Russian Hacker, click here.

I don't need this technique for single duvets, but I'm thinking that the boys might be able to do it themselves this way.  I already have them stripping their beds, replacing the fitted sheets and pillow cases.

Make sure you're teaching your children these valuable skills.

Have a super day and thanks for stopping by.

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