Sunday, October 18, 2015

Getting Kids To Eat Vegetables

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We are back with some more tips on getting picky eaters to eat veggies.

My youngest has sensory issues and getting him to eat is definitely a challenge.  My oldest is just so picky.  If it were up to him, he'd eat pizza, hot dogs and grilled ham and cheese only.  Hehehe...Vegetables are really important and we just can't give up and we haven't.  Our persistence has totally payed off.

Remember never to force kids to eat, but encourage and occasionally, reward them for clearing a plate.  We hold computer/game time over their head, every single night.  No games if their plate is not completely empty.  This works incredibly well.  Many times our children are reluctant to eat something that doesn't look pleasing to them, but when we remind them no games, they get down to it and occasionally, they end up liking it.  So often, the kids need to just give the food a chance and take more than one bite.


We often eat our vegetables mixed with something else from the meal.  A huge success is mashed potatoes mixed with other vegetables.  So many vegetables work with this.  Try carrots, spinach (yes and totally, you may be surprised) cabbage, leek...and by all means, use sauce too.


The smaller the vegetable pieces, the better.  When it comes to carrots, they don't mind larger pieces and they mush well with the potatoes.  I mashed them both together.  Consider cooking your potatoes and carrots with bullion.  I reserve this liquid when the mix is finished cooking and use it to make a sauce.


When it comes to veggies I know, the kids are not crazy about like leek and cabbage, I puree the vegetables.  Puree vegetables and put them in your sauce.  This works really, really well, too.

This meal is a topper for the children.  I pan fry sausage of various sorts like chicken, chipolata, lamb, merguez...they like all sausage so far and since hearing about how farmers are putting antibiotics in our healthy pigs, I've cut way back on pork products.  Thank goodness there are so many other choices.

The pasta pictured here is spatzle.  It's a German, egg pasta.  We live very close to Germany and I buy it every time we visit.  The fresh spatzle is amazing, but I can't find it just anywhere. For this supper I minced cabbage and I'm pretty sure cooking it in a nice amount of butter is what makes this JJ's favourite.  You don't have to use this kind of pasta.  You can use any kind of pasta.  Click here to get my recipe.  It's very easy!

Click on this image to get even more tips and learn some tricks to get your kids to eat healthier.


The image below, is linked up to a blog with lunch and snack ideas that kids love and there is a fee printable, too.


We understand just how challenging it can be to get kids to eat healthy food and we've dedicated several blogs to help you out.  Use our search, located at the top right of the blog to find more or hit up our Pinterest where you can find Lunch For The Lil'Ones and our Food board is really popular, too.  We typically Pin easy, low cost, healthy, fast meals and recipes there.

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