Monday, December 28, 2015

Closet Organisation For Him

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We started our Dirty Laundry Series months ago and there is still so much to cover.  We're taking a tiny detour with this entry on some helpful tips for putting your laundry away.  It's one of the things our readers hate the most, according to your comments.

Just a few things to consider once your laundry has been washed, dried, folded and maybe even, cough, cough...ironed.  Hehehe...  I've been called a good, little Belgian for all of the ironing I do, but I can't hold a candle to some of my neighbours who iron sheets, handkerchiefs and even underwear!

I only iron outwear that is actually wrinkled.  If it comes off of the line or out of the dryer somewhat, unwrinkled, it goes right in the closet or in the drawers.  Most of my ironing is pants and dress shirts from my husband.

A very helpful way for me to get my clothes from the laundry room to where they belong in the house is by the hanging rack.  The clothes from the line go straight onto hangers, then on to my rolling rack and rolled into the house.  Clothes come right out of the dryer, in winter and onto hangers and on the rolling rack.

The rack gets rolled into the hall by the bedrooms and everyone has two days to get their clothes off of the rack and hang them in their closets.  My boys are 9 and 10 and they put away their own laundry twice a week.  Wednesday's and on the weekend.  Tip:  Plan a day or days to do your wash and it WILL get done.  I do mine twice a week.  This way I'm not stuck all day doing laundry.  Just a couple of hours in the morning.  The folded clothes get placed on their beds and has to be put away before they go to bed.

I do all of my husband's laundry.  He squishes everything in the closet and gets it all wrinkled again!  He's just as bad as the boys.  I threatened my boys if they keep doing that, they will iron their own clothes.  Hehehe...Which I will teach them to do in the summer. 

Take a look at my first picture.  I use hair bands to group my hubby's outfits.  This way he just has to reach in the closet and grab an outfit.  Some are a tad more casual than others because he has meetings sometimes that require more professional attire.  He's terrible at picking his own clothes. I've cringed as he walked out the door in an outfit of differing shades of green.  ugh!  Hehehe...

I organise all of our closets as shown above.  Sweaters and heavier tops to the left, then long sleeved dressed shirts, long sleeve shirts, collared tops without sleeves, T-shirts and end with vests or tank tops.  Each time I put a new, clean piece in the closet, it goes in it's category to the end.  This way all of the clothes get worn equally and I know what was worn last.

Both our belts our hung together on a hanger like this one, attached to the door of the closet.

His ties are hung on a tie hanger that hangs at the end of his side of the closet.

If you are a full time worker and even if you're not, put those kids to work.  You've got enough to do and it's also an important lesson for your kids to learn.  By the time I was 8 I could do everything in the household.  I'm definitely making it a point to teach my boys everything that is basic for taking care of a dwelling.  They will be all the more wiser, independent and won't have that need for someone to help them because they know how to do it and can feel confident about that.

Consider a couple of these tips to get organised and make putting clothes away more efficient and easier.

Thanks for hanging with The Cherry!

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