Thursday, December 10, 2015

Free Planner Inserts From The Cherry On Top and Alexis Design Studio

 Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We've got a hot hybrid for you today.  Check out our December, European and U.S. planner inserts.  There is also a small tutorial for assembling your pocket page insert. We've got the basic necessity inserts to help plan out your December important points, a party planner page, Christmas card list page, a pocket page for your receipts, coupons, etc, a shopping list page, and a things to do page.

Check it out!

I used Alexis Design Studio's beautiful, new festive kit, Ice Crystals and Lace.  Here's a peeky.  Fabulous, right?!  Hit up that preview to get to Scrapbook Graphics.


These first, seven pages are the European version.  They are an A5 paper, cut in half. Simply right click and save the image to your downloads.  Take the ones you like or all of them.

This is the pocket.  You'll cut out the square and adhere it to the next page.

This is the page where you put the above pocket.  Remember, just glue three sides.

These are the U.S. sized inserts.  They are a bit larger than the European ones.  These are designed in the classic 5,5 x 8,5 inch, but of course you can make it bigger or smaller to fit your needs.  There is a margin for the holes.

 Save all of your desired pages, print them out, cut them out, adhere your pocket to the pocket page, punch your holes and you're set!

You only need a few basic tools.

-the downloads
-paper (I used a medium weight)
-adhesive for the pocket
-hole punch

I used double sided tape for the pocket, but you cold use glue or even washi tape.

Leave the top of the pocket free of adhesive, press into place and it's ready.

Now, all I need to do is find a lovely planner!

I hope you enjoy the planner inserts.  Thanks so much for hanging out with The Cherry!

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