Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Free January Planner and Stickers From The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We are back with more fun, festive, free goodies and this time in the form of a handy planner.  The plan is to have every month ready for you a couple of days before the new month or earlier if possible and each time it will be totally different.  A new colour palette that goes with that month and different  types of inserts.

This time we've got stickers and a pocket insert.  Next time it will be something else.  I haven't planned that far ahead, yet.  Hehehe...

Most of these goodies uses products from GS Creations that you can purchase at SugarHillCo.  They come in the form of templates and you can put in your own colours, textures and design to your liking.  It's really fun.

Keep scrolling to get your free stickers, two pages for planning and the pocket insert.

Download these stickers and print them out on sticker paper.  If your lucky enough to have one of those handy cutting machines, you're so set!  It's been on my Christmas list for years...

Here's where the month starts.  I kept the size rather flexible.  You can always make it smaller or larger to fit your needs. Keep your holes in mind when printing and cutting. I don't have a store bought planner.  I'm not even sure where to buy one here, but I'll come up with something and then share it here.  I'm looking for a smaller note book because I do take my agenda/planner with me when I go shopping and places where I need to make appointments.

This is the other page you'll need.

Here is the page for your pocket.  If you already have a paper that coordinates with the set, than use that if you like.  I plan on using something from my stash, but wanted to provided this for you, just in case.

This is the pocket.  Download, print, cut and paste around the three outside edges, leaving the top open so you can stash your coupons and what not in there for January.  (For some reason, my pocket printed out larger than I saved it, but there is so much room around the edges that I could just cut it to fit perfectly.)  Most printers offer the flexibility to print the exact size you need.

If you are interested, I made planner inserts for December.  They are an entirely different genre, but they are still available for free if you want to take a look.  I also have a mini tutorial over there for assembling the pocket page.

 tot free planner inserts

If you download something, leave us some love and remember that all of our goodies are for PERSONAL USE ONLY and they are not to be resold or claimed as your own.

Thanks for stopping by The Cherry.

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