Monday, January 18, 2016

10 Alternatives To Tying Shoelaces

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Sticking with Autism entries on Monday's, we're back with some images, links, a video tutorial and 10 alternatives to tying shoelaces.

Both of my boys have difficulties tying shoes.  My nine year old has melt downs at the mention of practicing this very important task.  It came up in conversation with a friend of mine who has the same problem with her daughter.  I showed her an image of some elastic type laces I found at our local Brantano shoe store, that we use with my oldest.  They are unbelievably easy to install and use.  She also showed me what she uses.  Both are included in the list.

All 10 of these would be a great substitute for traditional shoe laces.  They are also great for runners, bikers and other athletes as well as for anyone who has difficulty tying shoes.  Personally, I'd love an excuse to STOP running and tie my shoes.  Hehehe...

Each image is linked up to a place where you can get more information and or purchase the product.  Some have videos, too.

These are similar to what I purchased.  Further down is the exact brand.

These looked interesting.  I like the tactile feel.


These are called Hickies and you can get them all over the place in a variety of sizes and colours.


These look pretty good, too.  Very easy to use.


This is what we purchased.  Years later and they are still perfect.  No problems in the wash either.

 U lace

These you lace through, cut and lock.

 lock laces

More elastic shoelaces.


A different kind of system that also doesn't require tying.


These are what my friend uses.  They have an awesome array of colours.

 big laces

This is another great system using magnetics!  Easy on and off.


I found this video with a totally different tying technique that JJ might be able to do.  It looks really simple.  Take a peep.  It's only under one minute. I'll be sure to have something awesome for him before I even mention the idea of another shoe tying exercise.  We call it in Dutch, the stick behind the door.  (De stok achter de deur.) This may be bribery, but learning how to tie is something we feel is very important.  I was using chocolate pudding, but he hates this exercise so much, even that's not good enough any more.  Hehehe...  I may have to hang gaming time over his head this time.

Rewarding is for another entry.

Best of luck with either shoe tying or finding a great alternative.

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