Thursday, January 28, 2016

Transferring Shadows With A Template In PSE

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Today's blog is totally kick'n!  We're throwing out an awesome tutorial, beautiful inspiration, some helpful tips to improve or enhance your projects as well as announcing two chances to win a free template.

Sometimes a kit, whether digital or traditional, speaks to you.  Alexis Design Studio kit's always do that to me.  A kit is really, really good when you scroll through those lovelies and are immediately inspired.

This time I had a template I needed to work with and knew exactly what kit would fit the bill for it.  The template is a fabulous blended cluster of awesomeness from PHOTOcowgirl and a stunning collection from Alexis Design Studio.

Keep on reading to see how we altered the template, to view our nifty tutorial on transferring shadows in a template with PSE and find out how you can win  templates like this one so you can apply our tips.

Below, is PHOTOcowgirl's new blended template.  It features two magnificent blends in the background, multiple photos and one amazing cluster.  Use the blends to show off your favourite papers or backgrounds or a photo, like I did.

Let's get started with the tutorial.  My goodness, gracious!  I've been playing with templates for at least a year and I had no idea how to get the designer's drop shadow on my layout.  Thanks to a fellow scrappy sister and me being brave enough to ask, I now know how to do it.  Yes, it's a bit of another forehead slap for this blond mama.  Hehehe...It is so easy a couple of clicks and you're set.

I took the template, enlarged the entire thing, just slightly, rotated it and enlarged the photo spots a tad with some slight repositioning.  If you know The Cherry, we typically tear apart a template, but for this one, we really stuck with it in a near literal fashion.

As you can see, we put in those blends with paper and a photo, backed up the cluster with some glitter and doilies and the next step is replacing Amanda's elements with our own.  How do we do it and keep those awesome shadows?

Hover over your layers and right click on the ellie you want to replace.  Then choose, Copy Layer Style.

Delete the element and insert the one you want.  It will automatically come right in the layer you need, unless you want to change it, of course. Delete by right clicking and choosing Delete Layer or use your back space key. 

High light your newly inserted element, hover back over your layers field, right click on that element and choose, Paste Layer Style. This will not work if you hover over your element in your layout and not in the layers section.

That's it!  So easy, right?  As a template designer myself, we take a lot of time to get those shadows just right and what an awesome tool to know if you're not good at shadowing or if you just want to save time.

If you do not like the shadow or you want to make adjustments, you'll have to click on the element, and Delete Layer Style, then insert your own as usual.  Without deleting the layer style, you'll move the entire templates shadow and ya don't want that.

Here's a peek at this absolutely gorgeous kit from Alexis Design Studio, Woodland Frost.


PHOTOcowgirl will be giving away her new, free templates to one lucky commenter. To win Amanda's templates, leave a comment at this link.  If you'd like to try your hand at a layered template with our directions on how to get the designer's shadowing, then try it out on any of our free templates or on our newest one, below.

PHOTOcowgirl has this free alpha on her blog. Click on the preview to get there.

 photocowgirl blog

Click on this preview to get the download.  Leave us a thank you if you grab it.

 free template

That's a wrap!  We hope you liked the blog, the tutorial, freebie,inspiration and we'll cross our fingers that you'll be the lucky winner of Amanda's templates.

Happy scrapping!

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