Saturday, January 23, 2016

Free February Quick Page

 Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Typically, we do hybrids on Saturday and actually, I'm sitting on several of them, but for reasons beyond my control, I have to put them off for awhile.  I did have a hybrid project for you this week because I just couldn't wait until Saturday to give it to you.  Hehehe...  It's posted here, further in the blog.

If you follow us, you'll know that we started giving planner freebies last year and we're continuing on with the new year.  Find January's goodies by clicking here.  Find the first part of Febrary's goodies here and keep scrolling to grab some more.

I always like to show off projects using both digital and traditional skills.  I've been traditionally scrapping for nearly two decades.  It's my first love when it comes to crafting.  I'm really starting to get well into hybrid now, too.

So what is this hybrid scrapping/crafting? Well, it isn't always about photos which makes it a bit more appealing to more creative folk.  It's a combination of computer designing, printing and crafting up what you designed digitally.

Here's a look at a digital design.  I used with our free Cute Cards to make this Project Life style layout.

Here are the cards I used.  I simply cropped the cards I wanted and restored the original when I was finished with all four cards.

Of course, you can use these cards for many things.  Print them out on thicker paper and use them as Valentines.  Use them as a tags or put them in your planner for February just because they are fun to look at.  I'm in the middle of a hybrid project, right now, where I'm using them to create a mini album for my boys for Valentine's Day.  I'm also using them as tags and obviously, used them digitally in my layout.

Here's another of our freebies.  This is strictly hybrid.  You download, print, cut and glue and you're project is ready in mere minutes.  Click here for the download and tutorial.

Now, you have an idea what hybrid is.  I'll be back to show off the albums I made.  We've still got plenty of time until February 14th, right?

In the mean time, how about a free quick page?  Download this page, plug in your favourite photos and turn it into your wall paper, send it to friends or family via e-mail or print it out and plop it in an album.  It doesn't have to be 12x12.  You can always scale it down to an 8x8, 6x6 or 4x4, perfectly.  I do that all of the time because I can't print out at 12x12 and I often prefer smaller albums.

Right click and download.  We're able to display png versions of our images, now.  Yay!

Our freebies are for Personal Use ONLY. Do not resell them or claim them as your own.  Give us a shout if you do download our goodies by commenting, sharing our links, +ing, Pinning...

Thanks for stopping by The Cherry!

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