Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tea, Coffee, Inspiration and Freebies

 Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Getting scrappy and hybrid, again.  Also looking at more gorgeous collections from Alexis Design Studio, First Coffee and Spot of Tea.  I've got inspiration, previews, a free hybrid, free template and a tutorial on how to put it all together.

I tried sticking with hybrids on Saturday's, but they are getting backed up!  Hehehe...There will be another hybrid on Saturday, too.  So, come back and see what we've got lined up.

Just look at these fabulous colours.  I felt a bit of a manly touch with this kit and scrapped up some sweet pictures of my father.  I wasn't sure about this template matched up with Alexis's kits, but I thought it might be a challenge.  I wasn't thrilled with the look, but kept adding and adding, as I often advise when you're not pleased with a layout and thought the end result was pretty good.  Once you've put hours into a layout, it's hard to just delete it.

This is a preview of the kit, but there is an entire collection to behold and they have it at a reduced price as well.  Find it by clicking on the preview.


I designed these lovely tea bag envelopes using my template.  If you would like to download these tea envelopes, simply right click and save to your downloads.  Scroll further to see the tutorial.

This is the fabulous kit, Spot of Tea.  It's a collection of beauty and you can find it at a discount.  Click on the preview to see more.


Check out thees lovelies when you buy from Alexis Design Studio.
You get them free depending your purchase.

 And here's a little insentive for you via means of a coupon.

Print out your envelopes, cut them and fold where indicated.  It's THAT easy!

These envelopes are designed to hold the smaller tea bags, but of course you can increase the size in a software program or even the program in your printer.

I used these bigger bags of tea the last time I did this project.  Just cut as close as you can or take the bag out of the original wrapping and it put it in the new if you don't want to resize the envelopes.

Another idea is to make your own tea bags.  I do this most of the time.  You can purchase empty tea bags and fill them with your favourite tea or that of the recipient .

This Ginger Love is all of the rage.  Consider that as a stuffer for something different.  It's really great.

Here they are all ready to go.  That's part of my antique set of cream and sugar I got from my hubby on our first Valentine's together.

This is a neat, custom type of gift to give.  Head to the thrift store and buy a neat tea cup and saucer if you can find both, fill it with the tea of their liking and consider cellophane wrapping with a fancy bow and tag to finish it off.

That gift would look really awesome and you wouldn't even have to spend 5 bucks!

If you like the concept, but not these particular envelopes go to our other blog here, where you can download the free template and make them your very own.  Keep in mind our free stuff is for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

Thanks for joining us today. Make sure ya do it, again!

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