Saturday, April 28, 2018

Your Free May Calendar Is Here

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We are back, already with May's free calendar.  Wasn't I just here with April's?!  Hehehe...It feels like yesterday.  Speaking of yesterday, did ya catch yesterday's blog?  I have new templates in the shops, new masks and there was a new freebie, too.  Click hereif ya missed it.

I designed a full collection with an outdoor, travel and Canada vibe/theme.  Ha!  I've got a custom order for a scrapbook of a family vacation in Canada.  I couldn't find just what I was looking for, so I designed one myself.  I wanted colours that mimicked nature.  I needed elements that portray travel and a few specialized ones of Canada, too.

Don't forget, I give this same calendar, without a photo to newsletter subscribers.  If you'd rather have that, sign up and you can get the rest of the year with a photo spot for your very own pictures as well as stay on top of all of the goings on here.

Thank you for visiting The Cherry.  If you download our free calendars, give us some love.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

52 Reasons Why I Love You Mini Album #11

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's Traditional Tuesdays.

Never mind the preview...hehehe...If you are just joining us, I am also providing download links for reasons #1-22 .  This way you don't have to download everything if you already have them.

Click here for all five blank cards if you haven't grabbed them yet.  (In png format.)
If you are totally into mini albums we've got plenty of examples on our site and old Blogger as well.  This is one of our most recent mini's.  Click here or on the image to see more pics, find out where we got these fabulous goodies and get inspired.

Here's another mini album I made for my mom using our free journal cards from the Choose Joy mini collection.  Find out more about that by clicking hereor on the image.

Here are our cards once printed and cut out.  Remember the kind of paper you use as well as your printer and the settings you choose will effect the print results greatly.  To find out more about printing, check out thisblog.

Thank you for stopping by our site! I hope you'll be joining us again.  I'll be back with a really awesome, FREEBIE for you next week.  Trust me, you will not want to miss it!  Consider following us here, PinterestFacebookor sign up for our newsletterso you don't miss a beat.

Happy scrapping!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Luscious Layers Digital Scrapbooking Templates and Much More

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Finally back from vacation and of course, I'm swamped with laundry and work overload., eh?!  Hehehe...The mountain of laundry wouldn't be so bad if my youngest would just stop having puking episodes.  The poor little dear.  In between loads of laundry, mowing the lawn and this blizzard of white cat fur, I'm squeezing in design time.  How else can one not go mad?  Hehehe...

Check out today's newest templates from The Cherry, new templates from Made By Keuntje, a new collection from Aimee Harrison Designs and...drum roll please...a new, Disney inspired kit from...The Kit Cart Designs.  Jamie is back and I could not be more thrilled. You'll be excited, too when you see her new kits.  Of course you won't want to miss our freebies either.  Enjoy our packed full blog of inspiration and new goodies.

I thought I might mention here that I often show off a sneak peek in our scrap-a-licious group on Facebook and I give them away to one lucky commenter.  Be sure your in our group, leave a comment in the appropriate status and you could be a winner, too.

It was more than obvious that my team was just crazy about a few of these templates and who wouldn't be?  All of these fantastic layers.  They lift your page, give it much dimension and depth for a very realistic effect.
Rae's played with my favourite template from the pack and she used beautiful scrap goodies from the Sweet Shoppe.

Kim used goodies from KimB and they sure look great.  Super colours and gorgeous papers that enhance the templates even better still.

My gal Carol used a beautiful collection from Fayette.  I've played with this one too a while back.  Love my beach scrapbooking collections. If you find this one a bit busy, try out what Carol did here and use the same background for the various layers.  What a great idea?!

Carol played twice!  This time she used a kit from Scrapbook Creations By Robyn.

Laureen used a very pretty kit from Tammy Miller.  I'm loving her cluster and those gorgeous flowers.  They are really popular here, in Belgium, but I can't get them to grow like the other ladies on the block.

Tammy always works magic with my templates and she was also drawn to this particular template.  It kind of makes me laugh a little.  This template, the one everyone wanted to work with was just a mistake that I turned into another template.  Hehehe...I was working on the other similar template and it wasn't coming out how I planned, but ended up looking pretty good anyway. Hehehe...Figures!

Andrea also scrapped her pups with the favourite template.  She used a pretty kit from Marie H.

I couldn't wait to play with these templates.  I have a huge custom order coming up and I needed some new, easy to use with stunning result templates.  Hehehe...I scrapped up my youngest, playing on the beach in Calpe, Spain.  You can just barely see Benidorm in the background.  As you can see, the weather was not perfect, but that did not stop these boys from playing in the ocean.  I used Kim Cameron's new kit, Waves Of Blue.  As of now, it's just $2!

Made By Keuntje has new templatesreleasing today, too.  They are so awesome, you won't be able to decide which one to use first!  I paired up one with The Kit Cart's new kit, Midnight.  All of these contrasting colours and brightness is just magical.  Pop over to her shop on Etsy, favourite it and take a look at her many other kits.  They are really fun!

See, I told you they were great!

Here's a look at Jamie's kit and she's started a groupon FB if you'd like to join it.

Here's another new kit in Jamie's shop.  A very recent pic of my hubs and I on our vacation. I got so lucky that our clothes matched the kit!  I pulled out my favourite colours and left the photo spot out of the middle.  If you're ever overwhelmed with colours, pull out just a few and repeat.

Did you miss out on some of our latest templates?  No worries!  Here are the last few.

Aimee has some new freebies on her very popular blog.  These coordinate with Tidepooling which is so perfect for my trip to the Caribbean.  I bet you've got some beach or summer pictures that still need scrapping.  This collection matches so perfectly with Luscious Layers.

I used Tidepooling with my Framed templates and scrapped up my oldest playing in the Mediterranean. I simply merged a few of the frame layers and cropped in my photo.

BooLand has a nifty freebie for you at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio.  Get it fast, it won't be there next week.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

#10, In Our 52 Reasons Free Printable Mini Album Challenge

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Can you believe we are already on week #10?!  My, how time flies!  I hope your following along and scrapping up your cards every week.  Especially, if you are a procrastinator.  Hehehe...We will round it up every few weeks with one download and at the end, we'll offer all of them at once, but you won't want to wait that long.  If you gradually go through with us, you'll certainly finish.  Otherwise, you might get overwhelmed.  52 cards, is a LOT and you may want to add more.

Update:  Go to this blog for Reasons 1-22 .

I've pictured reasons 4-11 in this image along with an example blank card.  Each card matches the back, but you can mix them all up if you like.  Print out as much as you like, as long as it's for yourself.  All of our freebies are for personal use only and if you want to share the project with a friend, link them up to our blog.

We'd love to have you join our scrappy groupon Facebook.  You can show off your craft projects, ask questions or just hand out with people who also like crafts, scrapbooking and memory keeping.

Thanks for making time for The Cherry!

New Scrapbooking Templates, A New Fabulous Freebie, NSD Information and Scrapbooking Inspiration

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I want you to take a deep breath.  That's it!  Breathe in...and exhale...Hehehe...I always try my best to keep it as brief as possible, but you know me.  I'm into so much and I want to share it all with you.  I also want you to breathe in, close your eyes and think about the fantasticness that is iNternational Scrapbooking Day!  If you've been following The Cherry over the last few years, you know how much we love iNSD.  We share dozens of freebies and I've got a peek and a print out of what we are doing this year because it is going to be even more awesome than usual.

Maybe one more breath before you take in all of this scrapbooking loveliness? In...and out...Ok, you're all set!  Get ready to be inspired!

Here are our newest templates.

These templates gives an entire new meaning of paper play, right?!  Let your papers and pictures take over and put the elements in the back seat this time.  Or not!  Hehehe...Check out what I and my super team have done with them.

This first page is my own.  I'm making an album for my mother-in-law's 70th birthday at the requests of her sister.  Shhh...don't tell anyone.  Hehehe...I used Throwing Some Scraps Around new gorgeous kit, Memories of Home.  I had to giggle when I started cropping in Jodi's papers to my templates.  Our colours were so similar!  Jodi's kit is stunning.  You can check it out, here.

Kim always does such fantastic work.  Isn't this page just darling?!  The kit, the pic, the template.  Absolutely delightful.  If I'm not mistaking, this looks like a kit from Jen Yurko.

Jodi also did a beautiful page.  She used goodies from Throwing Some Scraps Around.

Here's a few fun pages from Rachelle.  This page uses a kit from Aprilisa.

Here are a couple more pages using Banner Bananas from Carol.

Theresa loves her double pages.  She's used an adorable kit from LouCee Creationsand some extra frogs from GS Creations.

Laureen played, too!  What a great pic.

I'm totally loving Dana's page.  It's SO awesome seeing my beautiful scrappy sisters in real life.  Well, at least a picture of them in real life.  Hehehe...She's used a kit from JoCee.

How about Dana's other page?!  Look at that sassy monkey, too!  This page has The Cherry written all over it.  Bright, fun and cheeky pic!  Perfection.  Dana from Made By Keuntje, used last week's new release, Luscious Layers.
The week before last, we released Framed templates.  I finally got around to scrapping them up.  I used a gorgeous collection from Aimee Harrison Designs, Tidepooling.

Here's another page of my own usingFramed templatesand Better Together.  An absolutely must have collection.  You can find it here.  That's me and the hubs on our most recent vacation in Calpe, Spain.

Shady Ladyis Key Lime Digi Designs newest collection and as you can see it is exceptional.  The papers are just WOW and there are a lot of very thoughtful elements, too.  The illustrious Sandy has permitted me to design a freebie to entice you even further, but I honestly don't think you need further enticing, do you?

So I was scrapping up my page with Sandy's gorgeous collection and I just HAD to use this paper as my background.  It is beyond fab, but then I run into the problem, I often face and that is, contrast.  All of my lovelies got a bit lost.  I fashioned up these very large outer edge masks and you can see the result.  My cluster and photo show up just fine with the plain, bright background paper backing it up.  I put these in the shop thinking they might help you out, too.  I used Key Lime's gorgeous papers to show them off.

The big event is fast approaching!  Here's what we will be up to.  If you want to join us in our Scrap N' Chat, join the event in our Scrap-A-Licious group on FB.

It is going to be EPIC!  Hehehe...I'd just love to have you join in on all of the fun!  This is a peek at the free kit and template I'll have for the hop around.

Tomorrow, I'll have May's free calendar ready for you.
Here is today's, new freebie.  I hope you like it.  If so, tell me how much in the comments.

Consider signing up for the newsletterto stay on top of things.  Especially, if you like the looks of that free template for next week.  Wink!  Wink!

Thank you so much for checking out The Cherry!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Reason #9 Free Printable Journal Card

Welcome to week #9 of free printable journal cards.

By clicking on the preview below, you'll receive 2 cards.  One with the sentiment and the other with a blank space for a photo or journaling.  You can easily insert your own sentiments or more photos in your software, thanks to our png format or do it all traditionally with our jpg format.

Update:  Go to this blog for Reasons 1-22  download links.

Feel free to show off how your project is going so far in a our super scrappy groupon Facebook.
We'll be back next week with reason #10.  Make sure you are following The Cherry so you don't miss a beat!

Thanks for stopping by and happy scrapping!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

A Love For Layout Templates Train of Free Digital Scrapbooking Templates

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
We are so glad you are here and welcome to our bi monthly hop around of free digital scrapbooking templates.  Am I speaking Chinese, right now?  Do you have a clue at what a digital template is?  If not, no worries.  We can totally help you out with this.  We've got several blogs and tutorials dedicated to helping peeps get started with digital scrapbookingand using digital templatesFor FREE! Follow our social spots, over in the side bar are all of the links and our groupis really great for showing off your pretty pages, asking questions and all kinds of other scrap-a-liciousness.

I went with something completely different for today's free template.  Read on...
This template is no longer free. We'll see ya every other month for more free templates for this blog hop or you can become a newsletter recipientand join our groupwhere I give all kinds of exclusive freebies.

I'm using fabulous goodies from Creative Market. 
These images are not to be used in any other way, but substituted with your own similar shapes.  You could use this page as a quick page and insert your own photo(s) as long as it is used for Personal Use.  There is a terms of use in the download.
My gals Carol and Andrea played with the template, already!

If you are digging the design, then you might also be interested in our freeProject Life cards with the same designs.

I also uploaded another handy tutorialon our You Tube Channelexplaining how to get rid of the journaling in the Project Life download. We've also got videos on how to get started digital scrapbooking and much, much more.
The Cherry On Top is all about the free stuff and scrapbooking of all kinds.  On Tuesdays we go traditional if you're a glue and glitter kind of scrapper and Fridays are reserved for our new products and freebies.  Freebies not just from The Cherry, but also from other designers and shops around DigiLand.
I thought I'd share a few of our most popular templates if you are new to The Cherry.

If you need that handy list of all of the stops, head over to Jodi's blog, here.  Promethean should be the next stop.
Until I figure out how to import my old blogonto the site, you can totally check out all of posts throughout the years, where there is a LOT of free stuffs!

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry and happy scrapping.