Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Clusters A Bust?

Welcoming you to another edition of The Cherry On Top!

Clusters?  Ya know those digital elements all grouped together, often given as freebies and add ons.  I started a stock pile of these and wasn't really sure what to do with them.  I didn't realise they were a blessing in disguise.  They make digital scrapbooking so much easier, faster and provide if not dictate, the inspiration needed to finish the layout.

Above, the cluster is more than obviously, the frame with elements on it.  I went through my papers and  chose the ones that coordinated with it.  Then took the theme of the cluster frame into mind when choosing the other ellies.  It looked a bit shabby chic to me.  Towards the end, it looked like a work top, hence the pencil.  I wanted a scissors, but didn't have an image.  (Remedied that!)

This is a really great way to use all kinds of downloads you might have that are not a part of a set or kit.  My first example is from all over the place.  The second is also a little bit of everything.  A ribbon that I changed the color of and stars from another freebie from a while ago.  The background is my own from Powerpoint.

Layouts are done in a snap!  Design your cluster to just the right size, insert your background or backgrounds and add any other elements you might want to further enhance your layout.  Above, I designed my own little border using one of the embellishments from the cluster, by simply ditching the background.

Above is actually a quick page.  They are probably even faster than cluster frames and clusters.  Of course, you don't have to add anything.  The whole purpose is that you are just to add pictures, but you know me, I always have to change stuff.  It makes it a little more original.  A little more me.  Pull out colors and textures from your sample and go to town!

Next time you see a free cluster frame, cluster or quick page, you will know what to do with it.

Have a great week!  Tot de volgende keer!  (Until next time!)

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