Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Eco-Christmas Blog Hop

Welcome to a very special edition of The Cherry On Top,

I'm super excited to be a part of the Eco-Christmas Blog Hop.  This type of entry suits me just right.  My blog and Facebook Page is dedicated to scrapping with thrift as well as keeping our precious environment in mind.  Much of what I do is environmental friendly and light on the budget.

Enjoy this holiday project and keep it in mind for any occasion.

This is a mini ornament album with a money pocket.  Hang it from the tree, wrap it up or place in a gift bag.  Great for all ages, woman or man and designed for any occasion.  What a versatile idea?!  You can be as green as you like or go extravagant.  I can't really put a dollar amount on this project because I just used stuff that was already on my work table, Christmas paper and embellishments that I bought after Christmas, last year as well as ribbon from old gifts and mostly scraps and beads that have been laying around for years.

Let's get to the project!

I used old CD's that were trashed or were junk. I put a hole close to the top, with a huge nail and hammer.  Hehehe...That's it!  I tried a hole punch and a screw, but neither worked.  So don't waste your time.  I stencilled around the discs on my paper. FYI:  I chose seasonal paper that was modern and fresh for this is a gift for a teenage girl.
None of the discs cracked or were ruined despite the heavy hammer and noise.  (It felt really good!)  Hehehe....  You may choose to sand down around the whole.  I used a nail file that I keep on hand at my craft desk.

I covered the entire disc with paper, so I had to make another hole.  I laid the disc on top of the paper and marked with my pencil where the hole was.  This made aligning the paper on the disc a synch.  I never have that!  LOL!

I used a large strip of double sided tape across the middle and glue all around the rest of the paper to adhere it. Gather the embellishments you wish to use.  Here's a pretty good example of what I had for this gift idea.  Aren't the colors great?!

To save money and time, I snuck over to my gift recipients Facebook and nabbed some of her super cute photos of her and her friends, then put
them on a PowerPoint slide and printed. I only
used one sheet of recycled paper for all of the

I covered one side of the discs completely with paper and on the other side, I used the cool, metallic holographic-like surface as my base.

Below you can see the nearly finished product!  Both sides have been decked out for the holidays.  The colors stay the same throughout the mini for cohesion, ease and speed.  Nothing is a better time saver than having all of your papers and embellishments matched up and ready to use.

 Keep in mind who you are designing for and go from there when choosing papers and bellies.

I stumbled a bit on how I was going to put it all together and after experimenting and trials, I went with some blue, craft wire, beads and ribbon.

If my hole would have been bigger, I would have went for a metal ring.  Since it wasn't, I had to use something that would fit through.  Keep that in mind when putting your project together, too.  The beads not only conceal the wire, but add youthful bling.  Loop your wire and beads through the small hole, twist at the top of each disc leaving enough space for your ribbon or ribbons to go through, then string your ribbon through.  The beads also keep a nice space between your pages.

I started this project after breakfast and was done by lunch!  Super simple, fast, with products you have laying around and no burden on your budget!  Now, that's a gift worth giving.

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Thanks again for checking in!

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  1. Lisa, I love your project!! This is such a fun way to keep your favorite pics together so nicely!! Great job!!

  2. This is fantastic! I've used CDs in the past but never added photos! Thank you for the tip!

  3. This is so cool! I have a stack of old CDs/DVDs just waiting to be put to good use. Thanks for sharing your idea and joining in the blog hop!

  4. I loved it! Totally my thing! I would be happy to do it again.

  5. Love your CD idea. I am going to start right in.