Monday, September 9, 2013

New Furry Friends

A lovely day to you!

Yesterday, for the first time in my life and my boy's life, we went to a pound.  Like most children, my boys are crazy about animals and I figured there would be some shedding of tears, but I was determined to get some kitties and perhaps another, small dog.

This little fluff ball, affectionately know, for now as Pudding, is yet to be seen.  She is VERY shy.  We managed to scoop her up after everyone was in bed and hold her to us and give her some lovely din dinns on our lap.  She was just lovely and finally started exploring after the dog was locked up in our son's room.  (whispering...I just found her behind my printer.)

While on the other hand, this little devil is not shy at all, which is why we thought she would be great to take home.  Bring the other out of her shell as well.  She is extremely affectionate to all of the people here, but not so nice with the kitten and just a nightmare to our sweet doggie.  

Liam fell in love with a skinny, black kitty that was just bonkers.  He was all over the place.  No wonder there was an attraction there!  Hehehe...However, the lady suggested that he didn't get along well with other kitties.  There were the tears!
Then we moved on to the dog area.  The first dog was the kind of dog I would expect to see at a pound. OMG!  What a creature he was.  His bottom teeth stuck way out, his fur was abominable and of course, he was thrilled to see us.  Liam wanted this dog.  He told us that the doggy told him he didn't want to be here.  Brought tears to my eyes, but so did the sight of this poor beast!
While I fell in love with two little doggies.  One was a Papillion mix.  He was gorgeous and a real sweety.  He clung to me and the boys and got along swell with our Bichon.  He was not allowed to be released because he hadn't even seen the vet yet.  While back from her walk, came Dora.  An adorable Yorkie.  She was just the most sociable thing I have ever seen.  Unfortunately, we found out that she had cancer and would cost a fortune to fix.

While here at home, Poes (Pus) devoured several portions of good, kitty food and is enjoying exploring around the house.  Her favorite spot is the window, of course.  We have lovely, large window sills for her to sit it.

As cute as she appears, she is quite the little monster.  I'm afraid I'll have to buy more band aids, keep her far away from the dog and hope for better days ahead.

My idea of how it would be to go to the pound was exactly as I thought it would be...heart renching!


  1. Good luck with the kittens....
    Down the road I think the kittens and dog will become frinds or at best the kitten will accept the dog from a distance......

  2. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute the (4) legged and the (2) legged No wonder you brought them
    home I would have also