Monday, July 14, 2014

Week #17 Menu Planner

Welcome back to this week's menu planner!

Monday:  Simple tomato and pasta

Does it get any easier than this?  Not even a recipe for this baby.  Just some images.  It's pretty small, so I'll help ya through it because it is delicious!  Making fresh pasta is the fastest, easiest, healthiest way to cook a meal.  I always have some kind of fresh pasta in the house because it lasts for weeks.  Isn't that awesome?!  This recipe is for ravioli's, but you could easily substitute tortellini, spaghetti, rigatoni...any fresh pasta will work! If you choose dried pasta, get started earlier on it because it takes 3x the time.  If you are not dig'n on the meatless Monday thing, then buy pasta with meat in it.

Let's take a look.  We've got fresh basil here, but you could put oregano, thyme, parsley, etc. I would definitely add GARLIC and onion. It's all really good and super healthy.  I always keep fresh herbs in my kitchen window sill, both inside and outside.  They cost nothing, last a long time, are healthy and makes your meals SOOOOO much better!

Prepare your FRESH pasta according to directions or use dry,  knowing it takes longer.  Then either use a jarred sauce (withOUT sugar) or better yet and 'tis the season, use fresh tomatoes and sautee in olive oil or butter (in this recipe).  Add your salt and pepper and leave the fresh herbs for the last minute or two.  Fresh herbs do not need long to cook, but dried ones do.  If you are using dried herbs, then let them cook the entire way through with your fresh tomatoes.  When everything is nice and soft, you're set.  The pasta should also be finished!  How easy was that?!

Tuesday:  flex day/meat, starch, veg

A flex day is good for left overs or some Chinese take out.  What about baking some drum sticks, grilling a steak or sautéing some sausage?  I'll be making sausage, these camp fire potatoes and broccoli.


Wednesday:  slow cooker swiss steak


One of my Facebook Fans asked for a slow cooker meal.  I'm super happy to oblige because I love using my slow cooker!  Put your ingredients in in the morning and it's ready when you get home.  The house smells great and dinner's ready!  All you have to do is set the table.  I chose a recipe with super easy ingredients that you can find anywhere because she lives in South Africa and I'm not sure just what you can and can't get there.  Fingers crossed that this one will work.  It looks really, really fabulous.  I love cooking with sherry.  It's a permanent feature on my stove top.  I often use it in place of dry white wine, too.  This would be so awesome with some french fries to dip in that delicious sauce or mashed potatoes.  Mmmmm....

Thursday:  toasted chicken Philly cheese steak


Grab some French or Italian bread on your way home or use the half baked bread for the healthiest choices.  You could use tortillas, pitas, kaiser rolls, anything would work!  I love a hoagie style roll like they suggest.  Of course, beef would be great, sausages...Mix it up and enjoy!

Fun Food Friday:  Smoked Salmon Pizza


This looks totally awesome!  I am totally going to make it.  I bought all of the ingredients and can't wait!  They use creme fraische, but I will use Philadelphia cream cheese. To make some short cuts, you could always use the crust that's prepared in the grocer's, but know it's not nearly as healthy.  If this ain't yo' thaang, then just order some take out pizza.  Hehehe...

Saturday:  cheesy ham, potato and BACON casserole


My stomach is actually growling as I'm typing and this one is really making my mouth water.  Wow!  I'll keeping this one on tap because I just got back from Spain and I have a plantain I want to make.  However, I will be making something similar to this.  Platinos cubed, potatoes cubed, diced green onions, prepared ground hamburger, cheddar cheese, cilantro and salt and pepper.  I'll let ya know how it goes!  It's my own concoction, but I think it should be fabulous.

Sunday:  Skillet Chicken Parmasean


This recipe promises to be ready in 20 minutes.  I love that!  I'm serving mine with fresh spaghetti pasta.

I am so looking forward to this week's menu.  I hope you are as well.  I've mentioned it often, if you like what ya see, let me know.  If I get enough responses, I'll make shopping lists for ya.

I have a food board on Pinterest if you like easy, healthy meals like the ones here.  I also have a board dedicated to my weekly menus that you can get easy access to.

Thanks for stopping by.  I'll see ya next week!

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