Sunday, August 3, 2014

Week #20 TCOT Menu Planner

Welcome back to The Cherry On Top's Weekly Menu Planner!

Have you been planning your meals?  Once you get into the habit of planning and making a good grocery list, you'll see the many benefits of doing so.  Save time money and hassle by checking out The Cherry or some other sites.  I put it all together for you.  Still considering making shopping lists for each menu, but that's gonna be a huge time suck.  We'll see...

OK!  Let's jump right into it, then?!

Meatless Monday:  10 minute spinach lasagna

I think it is totally possible to whip up this baby in 10 minutes!  If ya gotta have your meat, lay a few strips of thinly sliced ham on your layers.  Perfect!


Tuesday:  creamy chicken and rice

This one is just great.  Might be something the kids would really enjoy, too.  It's  versatile as well.  You could easily add some other veggies or change around the cheese you use.  Parmesan is really expensive.  I bet that mix of cheese or cheddar would be awesome, too!


Wednesday:  ham'n eggs

I think Wednesday's are great flex days.  You might have some left overs or time is an issue.  Don't beat up yourself for grabbing some hoagies or rotisserie chicken on the way home from work every now and then.  Ya HAVE to check out this recipe.  It's a forehead slapper, for sure!  Heat up some toast, sautee a few potatoes or dip whatever bread ya might have in the house.  SO EASY!


Thursday:  We'll make this a M-S-V meal.

The meat will be this delicious garlic and lemon shrimp recipe, but you could always grill up a nice steak or bake some fish using this same recipe or even chicken if seafood ain't yo' thang!  Easy stuff, eh?!

Now, what are you going to serve it with?  This recipe will be knocked off the chart when you slip the shrimp in a tortilla with some avocados and lettuce.  You could serve it with pasta, rice, quinoa, polenta.  Shrimp is very versatile, just keep your choice soft and not strong in taste.


Fun Food Friday, Baby:  French Bread Pizza

I would totally make a pizza bar for the family!  Lay out all of the yummies and let them make their own!  Ready in minutes and awesome!!!  If this kind of pizza isn't your thing, then head off to your neighbourhood's favourite pizza joint.  Your local, little guy is more than likely gonna have the healthiest pizza for you and of course, there's nothing like helping out your neighbourhood, small businesses.  Joint shop pizza almost always make their own crust and even sauce.  You'd be surprised!


Saturday:  grilled chicken, corn on the cobb and baked potatoes

I love that mah' man loves to grill!  That means I don't have to cook!  Yeah!  This meal is a synch!  I've hooked ya up with a site where you can find TEN different ways to grill your chicken.  The one I have pictured here is pretty darn easy.  for the sides, my hubby takes a stick of butter and rubs it over his cleaned ears of corn and wraps them in foil.  Then just cleans and wraps the potatoes also in foil and cooks with indirect heat (when time permits).


Sunday:  BBQ Chicken Salad

Now, don't go shrugging off this one.  This is one serious meal!  Of course you can take out the things you don't like and you can always use the lettuce of your choice.  Ya know what is surprisingly good on a salad?  Bacon?!  Of course, bacon!   NO, raw, shredded brussel sprouts.  Seriously.  Yum!  Since we just had chicken yesterday, it's a chance to use some of the left over or you could use cubed ham.  Mmmm...


That's it for this week. Next week will be here before you know it, but I'll have ya covered!  'Til then!

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