Friday, October 17, 2014

Lunch For the Lil' Ones

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Today, The Cherry is bringing you an arsenal of ideas for in your kid's lunch box.   They are not all fancy, time intensive meals and I went for healthy, fresh lunches that most kids like.  My boys have Autism and are not the easiest mouths to feed.  Especially, when it comes to healthy stuff.  I would like to remind you of the importance of feeding your little, loved ones a sugarless, healthy meal.  You set them a fine example and make their lives healthier.

There are so many places to look for inspiration.  I'm going to share a couple of my own ideas and some links where you can find even more creative mum's meal ideas.

I was going to start off with a list of things to put in lunches that you can hang on your refrigerator, but then I found another blog, who already did that!  You can find an awesome lunch list right here.

Here are some examples of my meals:

Some very important tips to remember when packing a lunch is limit the sugar.  I very rarely use drinks with sugar, but do like to surprise the boys once in a while with a chocolate or strawberry milk.  I typically use water or fruit juice with absolutely no sugar.

I've got a fruit cup that's very low in sugar, as an occasional treat and some diced chicken and cheese along with some baked tortilla chips as an alternative to sandwiches.

Another rare indulgence is replacing the sandwich with a couple of monster, home made cookies packed with nuts and dried berries.  Don't forget granola bars, too!

Use the things you have in your garden.  My boys love helping pick the berries and sharing them with their friends. Of course, I can't do that all year, but I always include fruit, veg or both in every lunch.  When I'm desperate, I use a trail mix.

Here I have some white milk, a sandwich, carrots, grapes and yogurt. 

I left the sandwich out again and served up some fresh baked muffins packed with zucchini, carrots and raisins.  No one knew!  That's a major score.  Click here for a really easy recipe and make them yourself.

Another idea that one of my children really likes in his lunch, are sliced cucumbers and cream cheese with herbs to dip.  I like it, too.  I couple up this duo with some rice crisps,cakes that can also be dipped.

How about fresh baked waffles?!  Oh, yeah!  Make them for the family on Sunday morning and make extra for in their lunch on Monday.  They will love ya for it!  Hit up my Weekly Menu Planner to get the recipe for really easy waffles.

OK, there are some of my lunches.  Now, I'll set you up with some other fantastic places for even more ideas.  I invite you to my Pinterest Board, "Lunch For The Lil' Ones".  Where you'll find over a hundred ideas. I checked each one personally and only chose legitimate sites with little to no advertisement hassles and sign up stuff.  This is a really great board and is growing popular fast.  If you have a special lunch board on Pinterest or blog, share it here in the comments so we can check it out.

 Lunch For The Lil' Ones

Also another Mum blog, My Mommy Style.  She's got some great ideas for thermos lunches which are wicked when it comes to the winter cold.  Check out what she has on her blog, here.

As usual, I've got a free gifty for you. You can make your very own fun projects like this with digital elements.  Click on the image, head to Photobucket and choose download.

 Free Lunch Box Notes

I love these and plan on using them as lunch box notes for my boys.  You can use them for either gender.  Enjoy your free printables and get your kid's eat'n healthy!

Keep coming back for more super ideas, recipes, a laugh and a smile. 

Thank you for hanging with The Cherry!


  1. Love these Lisa!! Great ideas! -ScrapKat

  2. I fixed the download. I accidentally used the preview version as my download. It's fixed! Sorry about that!