Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hybrid Calendar Project

Welcome to another fun, paper/hybrid project with The Cherry On Top!

I've teamed up with Dagi's Temp-Tations for this one.  She's got some sensational Calendar Topper templates that just released and we've been playing.  What a fun, easy way to create your very own personalised calendar?!

 dagi's blog

When you click on the above image, you'll get whisked away to Dagi's blog where you'll see more inspiration from her team.  They've done it completely different and it looks amazing!  Of course, you can take these wonderful templates, replace the month with a title and use them as a regular template for a layout.

I kind of mixed those two together for my project.  For me, I want it to look nice and I want it fast!  12 layouts is already time consuming enough.  I took a downloaded  image of a yearly calendar and simply cropped out each month I needed and pasted it on my calendar page.

This page was made using Albums To Remember kit, Winter Penguin.  You can find it here.

Here is the image I used.  For some of the pages, I cropped out the month if the title was too, close.  Click on the image to get to the link and download the one you like best.


Here it's further away, so I left it.  You may want more cohesion by leaving it the same on each page. The choice is yours.

This page was made using A-Manda Creation's kit, Love Rocks.  You can find it here.

This page was made using Boomersgirl Designs kit, Spring Is In The Air. You can find it here.

Here is the original template for April.  I'm using images and the calendar on one page.  So, I had to make some adjustments.
Here's a screen shot of how I adjusted the above template to fit my needs.  I do this with all of the templates I work with.

This page is made using Paty Greif Digital Designer'skit, School Frenzy.  Find it here.

Using goodies from PatyGreif Digital Designer, again.  Smart Little Witches can be found here.

This is KitCart's goodies.  You can find her store here.

This page was created using LouCee Creations kit, First Christmas Collection.  Find it at the Studio, right here.

Here are a couple of different ways that you can assemble or display your calendars.  I got all of these images from Pinterest.

The supplies you will need:

templates completed
print outs
card stock
scissors or cutting machine
*possible ink pads, ribbon, rings, embellishments, hole puncher

After printing out your completed templates, cut them out.  Either leave a little bit for a frame or cut directly on the edge of the image.  I left a bit of white for a frame around mine.

I use both double sided tape and glue for most of my projects.  To make sure it sticks together and if you place your double sided tape in the middle and glue all around the edges, there is room to play so you can position it just right before pushing down for adherence.  Just make sure the middle of your paper doesn't touch the double sided tape until you have it where you want it.

If you are going to bind like I did here, with a big clip, then how you place your images on your card stock won't matter.  I originally thought I was going to punch holes and use metal rings until I figured out that I didn't place my images correctly.  Yikes!  If you want to permanently bind your pages, across the top, then make sure you have one side right side up and the other upside down.

I liked this clip because it was really easy and fast to put together and because I used rigid card stock in-between my pages, I could stand it up. 

Of course with this kind of clip, you can also hang it on the wall.  Feel free to add embellishments to your finished project.  I added a bit of ribbon to my clip for more added fun.

A touch of glitter glue would make a quick and easy edition or inking around your pages for a subtle, polished effect.  I inked around my rigid card stock.

That's it!  Get started today.  I read that Christmas is just 20 Fridays away.  I hope that's wrong! 

Thanks for checking out The Cherry!

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