Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May The 4th Be With You, Free Printable Targets

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Things are a bit out of whack this week with NSD and May 4th, but I'm sure you don't mind one bit.  Today, we've got some cool free printables, layout love and MagsGraphic has a fantastic sale on her Across The Galaxy kit with an outer space theme that might look familiar to you.

Keep reading to get these handy targets for your Nurf loving fans.  My goal with these printables, is to keep my oldest away from the animals and this younger brother who are often the targets of his Nurf assault.

I had designed this target with the printed paper and my hubby said it was too distracting.  I thought he was more of an expert than myself, so I took his advice and designed this one, too.  Keep reading to find more targets and get your free printables.

All you have to do is download the printables, print them out, cut and slice and tape or adhere them where you like.

So easy to assemble!

These came out so cool!  I used those mini soda cans.  I left quite some of the white to cover more of the can. The kids had so much fun running around the house aiming for these targets.  It went way better than I imagined.

I printed out the circle targets multiple times and taped them to doors and windows.  You may want to consider breakable goodies in the surrounding area or even better, adhere them in places you'd like them to play.  I kept them out of the living room.

Here are the printables for around the cans.  You could simply right click and download.  However, I have a link all set up where you can click and get them all in the same place.  It has come to my attention that not everyone can right click and download if they are using a phone or gsm.

This is the other target.

Another target we made was this one.  We simply cute a circle in the box the gun came in.  It was harder than we thought to get the bullets through!  My hubby and I often play with the kids and Nurf.  I bought us our own set.  Hehehe...  They really enjoy the shared time.

Here is the layout I made with Maggie's kit.  It's on a super promotion of just $1.99 ONE DAY ONLY!


 Here are a couple of other examples of Mag's designs in case they are to your liking.  I've got a free quick page for this one.  Click on the image to get it.

 free quick page

This is another free printable I made with Maggie's gaming kit.  You can also click on this image to get the download and find out more about this great kit.  This chart works like a charm as a motivating factor to get stuff done around this house.

 free printable

Maggie's most popular kit for us is her Pixel Miner kit and of course we've got a few projects made with it as well.  Check out these.

free printable book marker.

 free book marker

This is certainly one of my favourite paper projects.  A wallet that you can put money and or a gift card in.  I designed this template for this project and it's also free.  Click on the image for a full tutorial and the freebie.

 free template

If you scroll through very carefully, you'll be set with all kinds of awesome freebies.  This is just the beginning!  We will be back for the rest of the week with even more free stuff.  See ya tomorrow and thanks so much for stopping by The Cherry.

If you want to get all of today's free printables in one easy click, use this link.

Please remember that all of our freebies are for Personal Use ONLY.

Happy scrapping!

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