Friday, July 15, 2016

Freebie Friday with Aimee Harrison and Heartstrings Scrap Art

 Welcome to Freebie Friday with The Cherry On Top.

I've got Aimee Harrison and Heartstrings Scrap Art back in the spot light.  Keep reading to see some fabulous inspiration, beautiful collections and great templates from two of your favourite designers, plus a free frickie from The Cherry.

 Give It Your All

Our frickies are pretty popular.  What is a frickie, you ask?  It's a quick page or a frame freebie, a frickie.  Hehehe... 

You can enlarge the frickie and insert your favourite photo, like I did above or you can use it as a frame and use the coordinating elements and goodies from Aimee's collection and make it your very own design, like I did in the next layout.

All of those lovely layers, might be a bit too much in your face for some, making this other layout a bit more soft and gentle on the eyes.

 Give It Your All

This image is saved as a png, so the background will be invisible.  Right click to download and get scrappy.

Fully Anchored in another lovely collection from Aimee Harrison Designs.  I scrapped it up using Heartstrings Scrap Art fabulous, new templates.  I switched it up just slightly for a customised look.

Grouping all of my photos in the centre gives them the spotlight in this layout.  To get a more cohesive look with my squares, I selected a few, scattered layers, merged them, then inserted one paper so that it showed up in a several boxes.  Often, when there are too many, different papers in a layout like this, it can look too busy.  Try the above technique and see what you think.

Here is a look at the collection.  Click on the preview to see more.

 Fully Anchored

These are Heartstrings Scrap Art templates.

 Heartstrings Scrap Art Templates

Here are more of Aimee's Kits and collections.  Click any image to see more.

 Summer Bazaar

 Aimee Harrison Designs

 Aimee also has templates.  Here is one example.


Thank you so much for buzzing by The Cherry!

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Happy scrapping!

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