Saturday, August 13, 2016

Free Ballerina Paper Cut Out Printable

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I'm off on a long vacation, but had to schedule in one of my all time favourite free printables to date.  This lovely little ballerina.  Download her, print on rigid paper if you've got it, cut it out, layer her up just the way you'd like and get crafty.

You could attach her to a stick, wooden skewer or straw and use her as a puppet or shadow puppet.  You could scrap her up in a scrapbook with our goodies from the Princess collection because she coordinates wonderfully with them or you could use her on a hand made card for your little ballerina.

These are no longer free.  Find them in our shop, Kreative Design Studio.  They are just .79 cents!

You can use the flowers for in her hair or for around her waist.

Here are some of our previous goodies from the Princess collection that you might also like. These are also just .79 cents.

 cup cake toppers/stickers

These are intended for cup cake toppers, but they would make adorable stickers, too.  The'd look great scrapped up as well.

These are coordinating Cute Cards.  I made a mini album out of them and scrapped them up digitally as well.

Line up your Cute Cards, glue, fold, add pictures are you've scrapped fast.

 fast, easy mini accordion

Get the framed version of these cute cards, back them with your favourite photos and you're almost finished.

 free cute cards

These are four gorgeous paper stackers.  We've got loads of examples on how to use these.  Get inspired and get scrappy.

 free stackers

Type in Princess in the search field located at the top right of the blog or hit up our Pinterest board, The Cherry On Top's Freebies.  You can find all of our freebies there and inspiration, too.

Thanks so much for stopping by The Cherry!

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