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Free Dog Inspired Scrapbooking Mini From |The Cherry On Top, But You Have To Be Fast

Welcome, Scrappy Sisters!

I'm on vacation so I'm keeping the blogging to a minimum, but still scrapping like crazy and designing fun designs and freebies for now and the future.

Today, will be this week's only blog and it is going to be one packed FULL of inspiration and I'll remind you about the free mini kit that you can acquire through our Facebook group when you join in on our Scrap N' Chat event, there.

I've got your favourite designers on tap, again.  LouCee Creations, Key Limi Digi Design, Throwing Some Scraps Around, Kim Cameron Designs, Made By Keuntje, The Cherry and even a few more!  

Grab a cup of something de-lish and enjoy the show!

I'm starting off with one of my favourite pages I designed this week.

This layout uses LouCee Creations newest release, A Pirate's Life.  I pulled out just a few of the colours from Lou's mega that totally blended with my enormous picture of my oldest son.  This layout was a breeze to scrap, thanks to Made By Keutnje's and Throwing Some Scraps Around FREE template.

It's rather simple in it's basic designs with just a few paper layers and some nice, oversized clusters.  I love focusing on my photos.  Especially, when they turn out this nice, which is a rarity.

 A Pirate's Life from LouCee Creations

Here's a peek at Lou's Mega.

 Free Templates from Made By Keuntje and Throwing Some Scraps Around

And a look at those free templates.  You'll have to hop around a bit to get them, but they are totally worth it.

We'll keep looking at Jodi's and Dana's goodies, shall we?  This time, they've got a fabulous, new collection, You're My Lil' Boy.  Take a look at the amazing scrapbooking goodies and templates you can get.

 Made By Keutnje Template

Here I am showing off my 80's lady selfie with a REAL camera.  My gsm is usually dead and buried at the bottom of my purse.  It's also one of those with...with...buttons!  Hehehe... My bill is like 2 Euros a month!  Hehehe...I refuse to join the Zombie Apocalypse of the head up the phone, continuously.  Hehehe...

 Made By Keutnje Template

The collection is just so awesome, I did a matching double pager.  I had quite a few photos from this session.  We were waiting in the car forever for my hubs who was at a wine tasting!  Hehehe...My little guy wanted nothing to do with the camera, as usual.

The colours are quite different and they look fantastic!  A kind of vintage touch to them a hint of nature, too to warm it all up.

 You're My Lil' Boy

I loved the word art so much, I wanted to feature it along with a cute pic of the boys.  Look at JJ's face!  He rarely gives me such a sweet smile.  I'll cherish this one!

Tip: Scrapping a beautiful page can go really fast when you enlarge the photos as well as the embellishments, like I did, above.  I even designed one cluster and simply copy pasted it into the other corner with just a few adjustments.

Moving on to Key Lime Digi Designs...

 Teddy Bears Picnic

Sandy has a few new goodies in her shops.  There are three packs that make up Teddy Bears Picnic.  The colours give such a lovely natural feel to the kit, softening and warming it up.  Especially, those soft, fuzzy bears adding a touch of whimsy cuteness.

My oldest is leaving his current school and is off to another.  His friends are really going to miss him.  They all came running over and gave him a huge group bear hug on his last day.  Awe....How sweet?!  Liam is the one in the light blue jacket.  He resembles me slightly.  Hehehe...

 Free Template

Friday's are about the freebies and I don't want to leave you totally hanging.  The image above is from our huge roll of free templates.  Click on the image to make sure you got all of them.

 Grill Master from Aimee Harrison
 free template from Miss Fish Designs and Grill Master from Aimee Harrison Designs

This is another page designed with Miss Fish templates freebie from the blog and FB hop.  I used Aimee Harrison Design's newest collection, Grill Master. I've certainly got one of those in the house. Thank goodness.  He's showing off his new toy, a smoker!  Mmmm...

 Grill Master

We'll take a look at a few more templates from Miss Fish Designs and a few new kits and collections.

 Faded Blues from Kim Cameron Designs

The next two pages were designed with Miss Fish Template's Stars N' Stripes.  Above, I used Kim Cameron's new kit, Faded Blues.  There is a lot of denim and lace in this kit that you are going to love.

Liam looked so cute in his denim overalls and sun glasses.  It was fun layering up all of these strips and that splash of red adds a nice pop.

 Owl You Need Is Love from Paty Greif

Paty Greif is once again back in the digi scrap world.  This time she has her very own store where you can find her newest collection, Owl You Need Is Love along with a few of her other collections.

I paired up Paty's new kit with Miss Fish's Stars N' Stripes templates and my sleeping beauty.

I just love these night time backgrounds with the fun, bright embellishments.

 Owl You Need Is Love
Owl You Need I Love from Paty Greif

Here is a bit more from these TWO collections and one of my own templates from Outline Odyssey.

 Outline Odyssey

That's my niece and the rest of her family.  What a fun picture and shown off so nicely with Paty's smashing collections.

I ditched all of my outlines and simply used the layered, centred basis of my template.

 Luv U 2 Pieces

Definitely a favourite page of mine, is this one from Owl You Need Is Love and my templates, Luv U 2 Pieces.  The puzzles pieces are from Snickerdoodle Designs and they add a nice subtly to the page. That's my JJ happy to see the camera.  Yay!  I really think this one turned out super sweet!  I'd love to see what you can do with our more challenging, Luv U 2 Pieces templates.

 Luv U 2 Pieces

Don't miss out on the opportunity to get a free mini from our Dog Daze Collection.  Currently, this collection is in our shop.  On Saturday, we will be giving away a few  pieces from the collection in our Scrap N' Chat event in our group on Facebook.  Join me and my scrappy sister friends for dog talk, sharing photos, downloading the links as they are posted and scrapbooking with the goodies.

Our Scrap N' Chats are done within an hour and everyone who makes a page and shares it in the group, will receive an exclusive freebie from the collection.  We'd just love to have you join us!

All of the details are on this preview, below and in the event, of course.

 Join This EVENT for the FREE MINI KIT

Here's another freebie we have on offer, on this blog amongst the many.  I just posted it the other day because a few ladies really wanted to scrap lift my page I designed using our Love YourSelfie templates.

 free camera png

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry.  We post free stuff nearly every single day in our group and on our page.  Make sure you're following!

Happy scrapping!

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