Friday, March 8, 2019

Banners, Baby Digital Scrapbooking Templates

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I'm blogging from Germany and the sun is finally shining so I'm going to keep this one short!  I've got new templates in the shop, I want to show off just a few previously released goodies.  I also want to remind you of the new challenges in our group and give you a limited time coupon as an extra bonus.

Let's take a peep at the new templates in the Kreative Design Studio.

 Banners, Baby!

As I started naming the layers, I got to thinking that these templates offer a lot of places to show off your pretty papers.  You can customize these to an extreme.  Think how you can use them on other pages, too!  There are a lot of spots for photos and of course, no photo options, too.  I do have some invisible photo spots included in the layers.

I'll show you the pages I designed along with a project from the past that you can also try out.

My first page without pictures using my Ethereal kit.

I'm showing off the invisible photo spots in this one.

I think this kind of layout would make an awesome card.  I'm using the Stay Magical Collection.  Find out more about this beautiful collection, here.

Here's another page I did awhile back with this previous free template from the Leigh Penrod hop.  I made this cute easel type of hybrid frame for my niece.   This image is linked up to the tutorial and the FREE frame.

 free frame

Let's keep looking at more inspiration for a variety of ideas on how you can use these really fun templates.

Ella always knocks me out with her gorgeous pages.  Goodies from Plavinka and Amber Shaw have been mixed in to perfection.

 Banners, Baby!

Talk about a breath of fresh air?  It's still pretty chilly here in Germany and you might even be sitting up to your neck in snow.  My mom and dad sure are in Pennsylvania!  These spring inspired goodies from BooLand will fill you with some much needed sunshine.

 Banners Baby!

More awesomeness from my gal, Tammy.  I'd be scrapping the crap out of this little cutie, too.  How fun are the goodies from WendyP Designs

 Banners, Baby!

Total cuteness from Aimee Harrison Designs and Rochelle.  She has the best pics!

 Banners, Baby!

I love what Carol did with her page.  Such a fantastic idea to scrap military photos.  These products are from ADB Designs.

 Banners, Baby!

A totally kicking poster or title page from Hilary. 

 Banners, Baby!

More gorgeousness from Aimee Harrison and Rachelle from Bits N' Pieces.

Banners, Baby!

Heartstrings Scrap Art sure has some pretty papers in this kit scrapped up from Tanja.

 Banners, Baby!

 Banners, Baby!

Here are a few pages from last week's kit Ethereal.  Our One Word Wonders kits have been a great success so far.  Thanks so much to all of you who support our creative endeavors.  It surly is the best encouragement to keep doing what we do.  To say thanks, I thought I'd offer a coupon for Ethereal throughout the weekend.  Keep reading to get the code.




Pop over to our Etsy shop, Kreative Design Studio and use code: Ethereal50 to save 50%.  This weekend only!!!

I just had to come back with another really fun, fun page from Tammy.  She used our Sew Pretty templates and Just Breathe.

 Sew Pretty Templatess

 Sew Pretty

I showed you all kinds of new freebies from our monthly challenge's last week.  Here's yet another recap.  I also shared several links for more free digital goodies around DigiLand on our page and in our group.  Be sure you are a part of them.  Of course we've also got a thriving Instagram and Pinterest that might interest you as well.

Go to the January challenge to get a portion of this collection.

 January Challenge Freebie

This was a freebie for newsletter readers.  Every other month, they get a free sample of our newest One Word Wonders and a coupon for a big discount.


This was the other free sample.  If you want in on the free samples, sign up for the newsletter, today.


Here was last week's freebie...

 Free Journal cards

and the week's before.
 Free Frickie

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry.

Happy scrapping!