Friday, June 21, 2019

Colorful Digital Scrapbooking Templates, Inspiration, New Freebie and A Store Wide Sale

 Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I'm so amazed at how different the weather is between Germany and Belgium.  We live only 3 hours from our vacation home in Germany, when traffic is good (which it rarely is when one must driveth through Brussels).  It's been stormy, rainy and cool in Belgium all spring really.  While in Germany someone put the sun on high and blew all of the rain clouds away!  I nearly killed myself mowing the lawn at 10 am!  Hehehe...It was SO hot!  I hope the weather is fair and fine wherever you are and that you'll enjoy the blog we've got for you, today.

New templates have hit the Kreative Design Studio.  I've pages from myself and team as well as store wide sale and a new freebie that our fans chose.  I hope you were one of them to choose.

 colorful templates

These templates started off as a page I made for a Creative eTeam requirement for Aimee Harrison only the collection has not yet released.  I did swipe Aimee's color palette for them and meant for them to coordinate with her collection.  I run most of my templates by scrappy sister, Tammy who pushed me to up the release date.  Hehehe...So my page that started the whole thing is in the wings waiting it's collections release.  I did make two others.  Check them out.

 colorful templates

I wanted to stick with the color fun in the templates and remembered some kind of butterfly inspired kit from Amber Shaw that I didn't use yet.  Any time I scrap with her goodies I'm reminded of just how precious life is.  It's so, so unfortunately to have lost such a shining star.  However, I'm always reminded of her when I see all of her files in my computer.

 colorful templates

I just had to try and get one of these templates to go with my niece's album, which I've decided to just take my time on designing.  The collection, A Reason To Celebrate is all finished and ready for the shops.  It's SO huge! I've got THREE packs of coordinating templates, graphics, journal cards, cluster frames, frame clusters, NINE packs of elements (I know, right?!) and 5 folders of papers.  Shoo wee!

It will all be in the shop for the beginning of next month.

 colorful templates

 colorful templates
Xuxper Designs 

colorful templates

 colorful templates
Antebellum Press 

 colorful templates
 Rachel Etrog Designs

Here are a couple of pages I received recently from other scrappy sisters playing with our templates.
 wishful thinking

 Wishful Thinking Templates

 Planned Again Templates

 Planned TemplatesPlanned Again Templates

 cutecuttables templates

You'll be able to get all of the awesomeness from the shop this week, no problem because we've got a BIG summer sale going on for ONE WEEK ONLY this month.  I'll put another sale up next month, but not with this deep discount.

 Kreative Design Studio

I had another, "You choose the freebie" post in our group.  I hope you were a part of it.  Make sure you're in the group with us.  There are exclusive freebies, daily freebies, inspiration from all around DigiLand, scrap chat, special events...we are a super active group and it sure would be nice to have you a part of it.


This was most voted item. I used our collection, A Reason To Celebrate. 

 Free Quick Page with A Reason To Celebrate

Look for the free mini in the next newsletter.  I'm in Germany where my connection isn't great and the coordinating templates are huge.  As long as I'm here, for the summer, I'll have to send links for them after purchase. I do check my e-mail everyday and will be on the look out to bring them to you as quickly as possible.

 newsletter freebie

I hope we could inspire you, today and that you'll have an awesome weekend doing what you love most.

Happy scrapping!