Friday, September 20, 2019

Floral Inspired Digital Scrapbooking Templates and Project Life and Template Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We are back with yet more, unique digital scrapbooking templates.  I can't wait to show ya the inspiration from which they came.  Keep reading to see lovely pages from my fabulous Creative Team, grab the coupon code, get some tips on various ways to change up the templates, see a few older templates with new layouts and ya definitely need to read through to this week's freebies.

May today's blog totally inspire you to do what you love.  You deserve it!

 All The Pretty Flowers Templates

As always, I show my pages first.  They are the ones I can talk about the most, after all.  Today's is pretty special because it's the perfect example of what I mean by anything can inspire you artistically.  That's me, in Germany on the way to my favorite restaurant that I mentioned in a previous blog.  All along the Mosel River in Bremm, are small gardening plots providing a beautiful floral array of gorgeousness sure enough to inspire anyone.  There was a lovely patch of sunflowers that drew me to them.  This very large sunflower reminded me of a shower head, much to husband's delight.  I spared you by keeping my clothes on.  Hehehe...

 All The Pretty Flowers Templates

Here's a look at her collection.

 In The Jeans

I was perusing my extremely extensive kit and collection stash looking for one with fun, bright colors that reflect nature and flowers, especially.  I found a collection from the DigiScrap Parade that I haven't even played with yet and it's older.  To think?!  I really love this background paper, too.  

You can see that I changed up the template quite a bit.  I found the flourishes a bit too busy with my design paper.  The pink color matches my peonies pretty well, though.  Did you know they were edible?!  They smell beyond fantastic and when they are nearly spent, I cut them, put them in a vase and place them either outside on the picnic table or inside.  When they are totally spent, I retain the leaves, dry them and use them in potpourri.

 All The Pretty Flowers Templates
All The Pretty Flowers from TCOT/DigiScrap Parade Freebie

The fantastically talented Suzie has joined up with The Cherry and has been scrapping some seriously gorgeous pages.  I'm/we're super thrilled she's with us.  You can see why she's so much an asset.  How Cherry is this page?!  Fun, bright, in your face fab!

 All The Pretty Flowers Templates
 All The Pretty Flowers Templates from TCOT/Viva Artistry (OScraps)

Here's another beauty from Jarmila.  She's a super star page designer!  I love how she kept the flower very simple and elegant.  Her use of the flourishes is also interesting and a great idea.  She retained a lot fo the templates elements. Yay!  I love to see that.

 All The Pretty Flowers Templates
All The Pretty Flower from TCOT/Floral Fantasy from ReginaFalango's another beauty from our gal, Ella.  Her digital scrapbooking skills are absolutely amazing.  Look at her dramatic shadows and her pages always feel like there is this incredible story behind them.  Take a look how she clustered around her flowers and try it yourself.  I love that she retained the whimsical hand drawn flourishes, too.

 All The Pretty Flowers Templates

I totally saw this template as one that would be used artistically, but Theresa has gone with a more traditional feel with hers and it came out great.  The bird is super cute on her page.  She kept her cluster fairly simple, but her choice of design paper adds a lot of interest to the page.

 All The Pretty Flowers Templates
 All The Pretty Flowers from TCOT/September Song from LouCee Creations

Ngoc also went with a traditional style for her pretty page, clipping in craft style papers and designing one heck of a stunning cluster.

 All The Pretty Flowers Templates

Theresa designed more double pages and stayed traditional as well.  I like her color selection and this collection from Made By Keuntje is super, cute too.

 All The Pretty Flowers Templates

 All The Pretty Flowers Templates
All The Pretty Flowers from TCOT/Oh, Snap from Made By Keuntje 

 All The Pretty Flowers Templates


Did you miss last week's release?  These are templates that you can definitely add to your stash and use over and over again.

 Rond N' Round Templates

Tammy's page was just so gorgeous and I can now show you the page I made with one of the templates as well.  Of course, there is a lot more page inspiration if you missed it from last week.

 Round N' Round Templates

If you are totally like me and in love with the colors in Copper Spice then check out the rest of the designers from the Digital Scrapbooking Studio goodies.  Like these from Heartstring Scrap Art.  Love that denim touch and Bryony's fabulous goodies went so well with this future template of mine. I could literally put this page together piece by piece and nearly exact matching my elements from the template and Bryony's from her kit.  I've never had that before!

I blogged up the previous two pages in a rare Monday spot for the collection's release and I shared a free quick page there.  If you love Aimee's quick pages, pop over to Monday's blog and get the link so you can download it.

 Snuggle Saurus
Future template from TCOT and Snuggle Saurus from HSA

Here's more awesome goodies from Heartstrings Scrap Art.  As soon as I saw this collection, I knew I had to have it.  I had THE perfect pictures for it.  JJ just loved his snuffle saurus, Dino.  He took it with him everywhere and of course lost it because he took it everywhere.  Poor guy!  I did have enough insight to buy two, but the second Dino just wasn't the same...I bet you've been there, before.

 Cut Above The Rest

 Cut Above The Rest
 Cut Above The Rest/Kit from Rachel Jeffries

Are you also one of those people who love to scrap their pets?  Kim sure is!  I don't want to call her a crazy cat lady, but she has called herself that.  Hehehe...She's one of those tender souls that just HAS to take care of an animal in need.  This is one of her many babies, Jerry.  Isn't he lovely?!

 Happy Trails Templates

I love getting pages from scrappy sisters and fans.  Robin use our Happy Trails templates and shared this pretty page.  Feel free to show off your pages in our group on FB.

 Happy Trails Templates

Rachelle's played with our collection, Serendipity.  Don't forget, you get a free template when you purchase the elements pack.  The paper pack is sold separately. 

 Serendipity Elements

I wanted to post some completely different freebies for you this week.  I've got some amazing freebies on tap for Digital Scrapbooking Day that is fast approaching.  Make sure you stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter.  You'll always know the happenings and there are a lot.

 Free PL starter pack

Ya know I couldn't resist sharing a freebie that's called "Cherry Edition". Hehehe...  Becky also gets you started on a really fun, fast way to scrap.  Head over to her site and check it out!

 MissTiina Free PL Cards

MissTiina is one of my favorite digital designers.  She has a lot of free stuff which attracted me to her products to begin with.  She's also all linked up, here.  Look at these gorgeous, free Project Life cards and much more when you follow the link.

Here's a fabulous, free template from NeverLand Scraps.

 Free template

I hope you find the time to do what you love this weekend!

Happy scrapping!