Friday, February 12, 2021

Birthday Celebration with Amazing Sales, A New Collection, Scrapbooking Inspiration and Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I'm celebrating my birthday, today and you get the presents.  I've teamed up with super designer, Art & Life Scraps for a birthday bundle.  There's a newsletter hop at GingerScraps that we are participating in and giving away a sweet portion that coordinates with the new collection.  We've also got beautiful page inspiration on tap as well as your favorite and mine, freebies and hybrid projects.

This is the portion of the collection that I'm giving to our loyal and wonderful subscribers.  If you missed today's newsletter, no worries.  I'll be posting the link next Friday and the Friday after that.  You'll be wanting those extra papers and fun, whimsical elements in this freebie.

Here's a close up of the collection.

The templates...

And here are the pages from the team...

I just love this kind of shadowing.  The elements are limited off of the page.

Not into Valentine?  You certainly don't need to be to use this collection...

Cindy loves her doodles and so do we!  You can get such a great crafty vibe with them.

There are many really cool graphics in the collection that I'm sure you'll love.

Get creative with your photography or don't use any at all.  I use other people's pictures and even images I find on the internet.  Just like I use postcards for my traditional pages.

If you like the planner style pages, then you'll love our, "Planned" series of templates.  Esther used them for her page.

I just love Felicity's page with the puffy air balloon and banner.

Lisa had a great idea for the Bee theme in the new collection.

I love the quote and message in Roxana's page.

How ya liking those journal cards with the doggies?  The dogs are not mine!  I got them from Design Bundle's Dollar Event and added some effects and changed up the colors.  I think they are so cute and the way Theresa used them and the collection is such a great idea.

Just think of the many ways you can use this vibrant collection!

Jillian paired up the collection with our Subdued templates.  Super cute!

Cindy, from Art & Life Scraps has provided dozens of free designs available on her crafty page.

And now...for the Crafters!  What have ya done with our Man In The Moon cuttable design?  I used my template and some goodies from the Sleep Tight collection and designed this mock up/ adorable pillow as well as some flairs which could also be used to design key chains which apparently, are all the rage in the crafting world.

Since it's my birthday, I've put this collection at just $5 as well.  Pop over to the GingerScraps shop and check out all of the inspiration and grab it at this super price.  That's the kit AND the templates for $5.

Think off of the screen for your designs!

If you're looking for more fabulous free designs, check out the freebies at Design Cuts, our other shop, Kreative Design Studio can be found there, too.  I found this super cute design in the freebies section along with a lot of other freebies.

If ya got a tiny budget and want bang for your buck (as is The Cherry fashion) then this bundle is for you. I went to get a further peek and there are even bundles in the bundles!  You'll get hundreds of designs in this bundle.  I was shaking my head at the incredulity.

I took a few of my favorite designs from the bundle and brought them here to show ya.  Find these in the bundle, above.

So pretty!

Come on back tomorrow.  I'll show you how to use another awesome freebie, Hybrid Style with step by step instructions. Find this FREE printable in our group.

This blog is full of fabulous freebies, scrapbooking and craft inspiration.  I invite you to scroll back through and enjoy.  

If you are looking to be a part of something fun and active, then join us in our scrap-a-licious group.  Share off your projects, pages...get inspired by the other posts, do our challenges, ask questions and receive exclusive products there, too.  We'll be continuing the party over there, as well!

Stay healthy, folks and scrap your cares and anxieties away.


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