Friday, August 6, 2021

Love For Layout Templates Train of Awesome Free Scrapbooking Templates and More

 Welcome, crafty scrapping blog hoppers. 

Look who dusted off the keyboard and got to blogging.  I've been blogging like crazy for Design Bundles Design School.  The blogs aren't live yet, but I'll let you know when they are.  Design Bundles and myself has some serious surprises up our sleeve.  Totally Cherry!  By that I mean mega freebies, tips, trips and crafting and scrapbooking tutorials, just like here at The Cherry.  Whoo hoo!  Stay tuned!

ATTENTION!  There is a free mini kit in this blog as well as an unbelievably cheap collection.  Keep reading!!!

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Check out all of the stops in our scrap-a-licious group and post your fabulous pages there, too.

Thanks so much for those of you popping in for the first time and for those of you regular fans.  I sure have missed y'all!

I've got a few fabulous pages from my awesome team.  Check out the fun ways to use this template.

Designs from Scraps N' Pieces

Use an inside shadow to get an effect like Cindy did.

Designs from GingerScraps

Esther shrunk up the template and put it in a pretty pocket.  She's so creative!

Aimee Harrison Designs

My gal Theresa is also ingenious with her unique scrapbooking ideas, too.

I gave away this entire collection, minus the templates last year.  Did you miss?!  That's too bad!  We always give out free stuff.  Sign up for our newsletter and follow us around so you don't miss out, again.

I've added a new pack of coordinating templates and composed this huge collection.  The templates are called Splash and are also sold separately if you've got everything else.  They are SO fun!  I must be insane charging only $5 for all of this?!  A full kit, alpha, journal cards and two template packs?! 

Just look what my team and I have scrapped up with them.

Remember this template?  It was also free and is still somewhere on the blog.  

Traditional scrappers can have at it, too!!!

Designs from Paty Greif and a whole lott'a fun!

Super cool effects can make terrific pages.  Designs from Clever Monkey Graphics at Sweet Shoppe.

More awesome from Clever Monkey Graphics.

How much fun can ya get?!  Designs found at GingerScraps.

Yip!  More from GingerScraps.

How totally gorgeous!?  Lovely products from LDrag at GingerScraps.

A mixed bunch of designs and super cool!

Can we get more awesome?!  Loving Rachel's page with JoCee Designs.

Designs from Kit Cart

PolkaDot Chicks found at GingerScraps

Beautiful goodies from Kimeric.

Tracey from Clever Monkey Graphics has an awesomeness collection out, today.  Lemonade Season is super fun, bright and totally refreshing.

It totally pays to read through the blog, right?  I always post free stuff at the end of the blog.  Don't forget! I started designing a collection for Design Bundles and had to make a few changes.  I didn't want to just throw away all of this work.  So, I'm giving you my mistakes.  Hehehe...There will be more coordinating freebies with this mini coming soon.  A lot more! Stay tuned!

I've got a huge write up about simple scrapbooking pages coming soon.  There are so many ideas on it.  It just might make your head spin.  You'll have a stock pile of fabulous ideas to scrap.

Scrapbooking can be so simple and pretty, right?

If you are on the hunt for free digital designs, by all means, check out those found at Design Bundles.  You just won't believe the generosity over there or the amazing deals.  This shop is so much more than a shop.  They got a You Tube channel full of fabulous tutorials of all things crafty, Design School and a bustling community, too.  Awesome, eh?

We are linked up socially in all of the hot spots.  Find them in the side bar, at the top.  Our group is really great for page inspiration.

Thanks for taking the time to check out The Cherry.  By all means, go back and check out our other blogs. I've been at this for nearly 10 years and this blog is FULL OF FREEBIES, tips, tricks and awesome inspiration.

Enjoy the little things, crafters.  Take long deep breaths, take care of yourself and make time to do the things you love.

Happy scrapping!


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