Wednesday, February 1, 2012

To Edit Or Not To Edit

 Edit Out Your Favorite Photos?!  No!!!

Have you ever had so many photos for a project that you thought you could never get them all in one book?  I found myself there, too.  Recently I made a book for my nieces and there were so many photos that I thought just HAD to be in there. Another challenge needed to be met.  Check the results out for yourself and add more photos to your next project.

Give your next project a different angle.

Liam's page is very symmetric.  The viewer can really focus on the pictures.  Cut out some formed pictures, add some reinforcement, ribbons and embellishments and you've got yourself little puppets that seem to come to life.  The girls thought this was very cool and fun.  Check out the flowers that are cut in half.  I very often cut out regular papers and use them for embellishments, but then I end up with a lot of half flowers such as these.  Put them to use like they are here.  

You don't always have to use the entire picture.  Besides, what else would you put in tiny frames like these?  Framing draws your eye to the picture and makes a pretty princess even more adorable.

Wow!  You can find 9 pictures in this layout.  Now, that is maximum usage.

Above is one of my favorite pages from the book.  Again, I had so many pictures of my niece.  I wanted her to be able to see them all next to each other, so that she can view her own progression through life.  I am so glad I have nieces.  Finally, I can use flowery, girly stuff.  These foam flowers were made with a stencil as well. 

Remember to take your layouts out of their protectors before you take the picture.  Otherwise, you end up with serious glare.  Hard to fix once you give the book away.  "Note to self".

Turn your pretty flowers into their own little flowers with this layout.  I don't have a die cut machine.  So, I use stencils.  This is more time consuming, of course, but the result is still spectacular.  7 pictures adorn this layout, yet it still doesn't look cluttered.  Pull out colors from your background page when looking for the perfect embellishment to make your layout more cohesive.

This page is very attractive.  Coordinating papers help make the look.

Fun pictures are usually the favorite.

Is this page kicking or what?!  Sporting 14 funny photos, a page like this is bound to bring a boat load of laughter and pleasant memories.  Fun pictures deserve fun colors.  I just eyeballed it.  No measuring. It went very fast.  Make sure if you only have the fewest of tools for your projects that a paper cutter is one of them.  You will save so much time.

 Unlike the layout above this one, that was spaced out, these pictures overlap a little.  The pictures blend into each other a bit more.  It goes twice as fast, too.

This layout is actually a bit chaotic for my usual tastes, but somehow I still love it.  Count the photos?  There are over 10.  Another great time saving tool is a shape cutter, which I used for all of these circles.  It took a bit of time for this page.  Cutting out all of the circles then playing with the layout until it was just right.  For this kind of overlapping, it is best to strategically place your glue dot or double sided tape so that you have some flexibility to possibly put another photo slightly underneath.  It was worth the time.  Don't you think?

Using maximum pictures for one or a double page did prove a bit difficult, but this is one challenge we can tick off.  Check!

Feel free to e-mail your multiple layout projects.


  1. Hi Lisa

    Love your layouts

  2. Why thank you! Keep checking them out. I have some really good ones to come.