Friday, March 9, 2012

Beer, Bikes and Babes

Welcome back to another addition of Beer, Bikes and Babes.  This section of my scrapbooking blog is dedicated to the male gender.  One which is often overlooked when it comes to scrapbooking and scrapbooking supplies.  Although, there is little out there to help encourage men to take a leap into the scrap'n world, there is a desire. So I found after just a bit of research.  

I did a typical Google search of men and scrapbooking and although I didn't come up with much, there was plenty of evidence out there that men were indeed interested in this hobby.  I was reading through dozens of comments on from guys in the 1%.  There were many comments from men about their reasonable complaints as well as their uncomfortable/awkward feelings to actually visit a store or attend workshops.  I can totally understand why they might feel this way, but I felt compelled to leave a comment myself.  It went something like this:  "I think it's great to see men in a scrap shop and in workshops, too.  Not only does it show these guys are not afraid of what others will think because indeed, many people jump to the often wrong conclusion that these crafty men are gay, but it helps make the hobby more inclusive and well rounded."  Kind of like your first year in Uni.  Guys often have a different way of laying out their projects which helps the chickies in the lesson to think out side of the box.  A little dose of testosterone never seemed to ruin any scrapping environment I was in. I also told them, "What better way to pick up chicks?"  Hehehe...

All of the scrapbooking layouts you see here on today's blog are digital.  I used PowerPoint,  Clip Art and backgrounds from PowerPoint as well as photo images from Google Images.  All free and fairly easy to use.

I surveyed some male friends of mine to see if they might be interested in scrapbooking both traditional and digital.  I will summarize the results.

Just under half of the friends I asked to take the eight question survey that required a Y or N with a completion time of approximately 1 minute, filled out the survey.  Out of the eighteen men, all but two said they enjoyed taking photos and all but one said they enjoyed looking at photos.  That's  a great start!  All male surveyors ticked "Yes" to the question, "Do you enjoy spending time on the computer?"  Another plus for the male scrapping world.  When asked if they were familiar with photo editing software, all but two ticked "Y".  Yes!  Another plus!  An overwhelming majority of the guys acknowledged that they had seen either traditional scrapbooks or digital scrapbooks. Now, for the topper.  Eight of the surveyors said they would consider composing a digital scrapbook (One said he already had.) That is just under half of the men surveyed.  That is awesome!  The final question was also a bit of a surprise conclusion and that is, five guys out of the eighteen surveyed, said they would even consider making a traditional style scrapbook!  Yea-haw!!!  Now, my math skills are absolute crap, but this seems like more than 1% to me.

I used a tattoo for the background in the page above just to experiment a bit and of course, add a personal touch to a layout.

If these pictures are not oozing with manliness than I don't know what is.  I used a rock'n roll touch to pump up the volume in these layouts.  This kind of manly scrap'n is excellent in digital.

I did find quite a few scrapbooking supplies that I thought would be suitable for the macho scrappers out there.  There was a Not For Girls CD Rom at  and had one of the THE best selections I found for over all scrapbooking supplies in total dude categories.  I mean really good.  The Industrial strength Collection I came across was so cool.  I found it at

If you want a giggle take a look at  It is just perfect!  A guy's view on scrapblooking.  So funny!

According to the research that I did, scrapbooking is something men not only know about, but a hobby or pass time that they might just endeavor.  I hope to encourage men that are sitting on the fence.  I suppose jumping into the the female dominated world of scrapbooking would be like wearing pink or sipping on a Cosmopolitan for a guy.  Stereotypes should never hold us back.  Now, get off the fence and scrap your butt off!

Sorry, but mysteriously all of the photos are gone.

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